Matt Ramos Voices His Frustration Over DC Not Being Able To Rope In Henry Cavill, While Marvel Brings Characters From 20 Years Ago

Matt Ramos Voices His Frustration Over DC Not Being Able To Rope In Henry Cavill, While Marvel Brings Characters From 20 Years Ago

Henry Cavill in the Kryptonian suit is something fans have been waiting to watch for quite some time now. The Man of Steel is one of the most loved superhero characters to date. In recent times, the return of Cavill has become a hot topic and is making the headlines. Previously, on many occasions, fans have expressed their disappointment for the failure of Clark Kent, AKA Superman’s comeback. Although various rumors of Henry returning in his Kryptonian suit have been floating around, there is no solid confirmation from either Warner Bros. or from the British actor himself. While the fact that fans might never witness Cavill as Superman is surely disappointing, YouTuber Matt Ramos also expressed his disappointment for DC alongside praising another popular superhero film franchise.

Matt Ramos demands the return of Henry Cavill as Superman

Clark Kent, AKA Superman, is surely the most loved DC extended universe superhero. Henry Cavill has a massive following worldwide, thanks to all the iconic roles the Mission Impossible: Fallout actor has played. Even though the audience loves Cavill for all his roles, they have a separate affection for his part as Superman. And it has been a while since we last saw Cavill in the Kryptonian suit. Despite all the rumors of his return, sadly, fans don’t have any confirmation. Amongst many such disappointed viewers is Matt Ramos. Recently, Ramos took to his Twitter, calling out the DC bros. 

The YouTuber even pointed out how DC’s counterpart Marvel brought back many of its characters, referring to Hugh Jackman’s return in the upcoming film Deadpool 3. In a follow-up tweet, he revealed how he is a massive fan of both the Marvel Cinematic Universe and DC but his favorite superhero is the Man of Steel. Ramos even wrote it is crazy how Superman had not been on the big screen for so long. Previously, Henry Cavill starred as Superman in Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

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Recently, rumors of Cavill making a comeback through a cameo in Dwayne Johnson starrer, Black Adam, were floating around. Apparently, the Enola Holmes actor even shot a scene for The Flash.

What do the fans say?

Following Ramos’s tweet, a series of fan tweets fluttered in. While some have lost all hope, others still feel that The Witcher star will make his much awaited comeback.

Do you think the Man of Steel will return? Do let us know in the comments below.

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