When Henry Cavill Called His Superman Rumours and Speculations “Frustrating” but Also Necessary

When Henry Cavill Called His Superman Rumours and Speculations “Frustrating” but Also Necessary

In his two-decades-long acting career, Henry Cavill has, with every performance, shown how capable he is as an actor. However, he will always be remembered as the DC Extended Universe superhero Superman. He was first seen in the Superman costume in Man of Steel, which came out in 2013. Coming close to a decade, Man of Steel is the only solo Superman film starring Henry Cavill.

He graced the costume in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Justice League, and lastly, Zack Synder’s Justice League in 2021. DC fans are at this point desperate to see Cavill as Superman again. And with the DC antihero movie Black Adam nearing its release date, the cries are only getting louder. Given how often Black Adam is compared to Superman, it is the perfect setup for Warner Bros. to rope their favorite superhero back into the DC extended universe.

Henry Cavill responds to the Superman rumors

With how fast the rumor mill spins in the case of Henry Cavill returning as Superman, it might as well give competition to the DC hero himself. And with how massive they are, Cavill has also heard of them. In an interview with Marc Malkin, the actor discussed how he can never get away from the Superman rumors.

One rumor after another, the chain keeps going. The British actor spoke about how ”extraordinary and frustrating” the rumors are. Especially when they are stated as facts. However, The Witcher actor also added that it is a good thing that people keep talking about it. Given that Superman is an important character in DC, it is important that the surrounding hype does not die down. “In an ideal world, I would love to play the character again,” said the actor on playing the role again.

Judging by his answer, it seems like The Witcher actor is not going to be returning to DC anytime soon. However, there have been countless reports of the actor joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe and even the House Of Dragons. He is also considered being first in line for the next James Bond. While the two prior reports are just speculation, Cavill as James Bond is most likely to happen given that he was a final choice in 2015 itself.

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Do you think Henry Cavill will be seen in Black Adam? Do you think the actor will return as Superman? Let us know in the comments below. Meanwhile, catch Cavill fighting monsters in Netflix’s The Witcher.

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