Lucienne Had Faith in Joyce and Hopper, Netflix Makes a Wholesome Attempt With ‘The Sandman’ X ‘Stranger Things’ Crossover

Lucienne Had Faith in Joyce and Hopper, Netflix Makes a Wholesome Attempt With ‘The Sandman’ X ‘Stranger Things’ Crossover

It’s been a fortnight since the release of The Sandman on Netflix. Most fans, including us, have not only watched all ten episodes but are probably on the third rerun. And Neil Gaiman’s masterpiece coming alive on screen deserves nothing less than that. What comes next? Speculations for upcoming seasons and comparisons with other shows. As if it wasn’t enough how much the audience draws parallels between their favorite shows, the streaming goliath has also jumped on the bandwagon.

The Sandman approves of the Stranger Things’ power couple

Netflix is known for its goofy yet hilarious Twitter account. From witty comments to cleverly crafted puns, it knows how to entertain its fans. And why shouldn’t it? The page seems to take its infectious energy from the audience members and presents it in a way that makes us feel heard. Their recent post is a true testament to that sentiment.

The Twitter account intercut a scene from The Sandman with one from Stranger Things in the most innovative way. Lucienne, the librarian of the Dreaming, says the most beautiful and heartening words to Morpheus upon his ultimate return to his kingdom. “I never felt abandoned. I knew you would return.” They must’ve sounded like music to Dream’s ears after a series of unfortunate events. 

This line also fits perfectly with Joyce and Hopper’s reunion in season 4 of Stranger Things. As a couple on the show, they might fly a little under the radar, but they have the most beautiful relationship arcIt was only Joyce’s resilience and her blatant refusal to give up hope that made their final coming together so cathartic.

But the genius of Netflix’s Twitter presented the quote and snaps from the respective scenes in such a way that it seems Lucienne herself was optimistic and expectant of “Jopper” reuniting. And yes, Netflix, by the looks of it, Lucienne most definitely ships Jopper.

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The streaming giant has now given us hope of a crossover we didn’t even know we needed. A slippery slope indeed, Netflix. If we were you, we would have more collages like these in the bank unless you want an army of angry fans demanding a Netflix Original Cinematic Universe. Until such a day, one will have to make do with re-watching Stranger Things and The Sandman on Netflix.

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