Love or Pure Manipulation? Fans Think Jada Pinkett Smith Played a Big Role in the Oscar Slapgate

Love or Pure Manipulation? Fans Think Jada Pinkett Smith Played a Big Role in the Oscar Slapgate

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith are one of those Hollywood couples who may seem perfectly content on the surface, but there will always be a ground to speculate if we dig deeper. Their open relationship has always been a topic of discussion, and fans and critics often find it difficult to find out if there is any sour feeling between the two. The 2022 Oscar slapgate controversy is just a testament to this fact.

Though almost 11 months have passed since the King Richard actor slammed the host, Chris Rock’s face for making jokes about his wife and her disease, the talk is not out of trend. People who closely watched the Oscars last year may agree with this brand-new speculation which sees Will Smith’s wife in a negative light- as someone who played a significant role in her husband’s apparent downfall and disrespect by many.

Did Jada Pinkett Smith prompt her husband to rock a slap in Chris Rock’s face? 

It is almost a year since the infamous controversy happened at the Academy Awards. And even today, when yet another annual award-distributing ceremony awaits us, fans cannot help but remember the infamous slap more than Fresh Prince getting his first Oscar for real. Now that they closely examine it, they argue that his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, who is an alopecia survivor, manipulated Smith into taking the step that not only cost him his career but his repo in the industry too.   

If you did observe, The Pursuit of Happyness actor was clearly laughing at the joke and enjoying it, but as soon as he saw his wife’s face, he went up and knocked the host. Furthermore, Fandomwire recently reported that the actress, who was previously accused of cheating on Will Smith, forces him to do a lot of things to “keep her hands clean.” They believe that the father of three has to do it just to avoid the consequences if he decided otherwise. Well, if it is true or not, Will Smith is certainly facing the consequences of his actions.

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