“Able to be human” – Nia Long Applauds Her Fresh Prince Costar Will Smith

“Able to be human” – Nia Long Applauds Her Fresh Prince Costar Will Smith

Will Smith has his Fresh Prince co-stars back, years after the series ended. Nia Long starred in the role of Lisa Wilkes for the series Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, while Smith played the titular character. The series ran from 1990 to 1996, but most of the co-stars have remained on good terms to this day. Long herself has been making news after her long-time partner and Celtics coach Ime Udoka was accused of cheating on her.

Thereafter, they broke up and he was even suspended from his position amidst all the news. 2022 ended on a rocky note not only for her but also for Will Smith. For these reasons, she understands what the I Am Legend actor is going through.

How Nia Long credited Will Smith despite having a tough year

The Oscar Slapgate Controversy left Will Smith in a wave of criticism. But Nia Long appreciated him for being the way he has been in the industry for so long. In an interaction with Yahoo, she talked about how times have changed, “I think he’s now able to be human.” The actress feels that the image of a famous star was different back than when they were growing up. She appreciated him for the way he handled himself in the spotlight.

While speaking to an interviewer on Yahoo, she explained how she loves Will Smith. The actress credited Smith for having an incredible career and keeping an image of perfection even through his achievements in all these years. After all, she has worked with him up and close, having played his love interest in the series back then. She avoided mentioning the Oscar controversy of Smith and Chris Rock, but explained the struggles of growing in the entertainment industry.

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The actress prefers her own career, wherein people recognize her but do not chase after her. Although she went through struggles after the very public news of her partner cheating with a junior from his own Celtics group. Meanwhile, the Pursuit of Happiness actor has begun making public appearances again, moving on from the controversy and even promoting the release of his movie Emancipation.

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