Love Is Blind: Has Deepti Moved on From Shake and Is Dating Kyle Now?

Love Is Blind: Has Deepti Moved on From Shake and Is Dating Kyle Now?

Deepti and Shake are old news. After the premiere of the Love is Blind reunion, rumors about Deepti and Kyle dating have been going around for a while. Fans have been shipping them hard after Shake proved that he was a major prick on the show. 

But are Kyle and Deepti really the end game? Although Love is Blind highlighted Shake and Deepti’s toxic relationship, the creators failed to show the deep bond between Kyle and Deepti. The two had forged a deep connection while on the show. This was evident when Kyle confessed that his major regret on the dating show was not proposing to Deepti Vempati. 

In a conversation with Vulture, Deepti revealed, “A lot of people don’t know that Kyle and I had a really deep connection in the pods. He was my No. 2 person, so it wasn’t out of the blue. We do have this foundational bond. It was heartwarming and so sweet to hear.”

To fans’ burning questions Deepti only had one thing to say, “We’re just figuring it out.”

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What sparked the Kyle and Deepti dating rumors?

The rumors surfaced after Kyle posted a video on his Tiktok account. Deepti finds these dating rumors hilarious, saying, “We’re playing with them a little bit, but it’s funny. Kyle and I have such a beautiful friendship.”

Fans can hope for this friendship to blossom into something more in the future. However, at present, Deepti only wants to “focus on herself” after leaving Shake at the altar. She had a “healing moment” after confronting Shake at the reunion. Shake’s comment about her not being sexually attractive and disrespecting her rubbed her the wrong way. Furthermore, she shared that Shake’s mother opposed her son’s views on love being blurry for him. With a terrible end to their story, “there’s no hope for a friendship” between the two. 

Addressing the comments: Deepti for Bachelorette, Deepti reveals her parents being uncomfortable watching her intimate scenes. “I’m not sure if I would go down that route. It would have to be the right dating show. I can’t be kissing a bunch of guys onscreen,” she says. You may not see her in other Netflix dating shows, but she is open to more serious shows like Love is Blind! 

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