“Love is blurry, not blind” Shake Vehemently Defends Himself In ‘Love is Blind’ Reunion

“Love is blurry, not blind” Shake Vehemently Defends Himself In ‘Love is Blind’ Reunion

Love is Blind season 2 started out with a bang. Fans were excited as the series was back after two years. But as the series progressed viewers weren’t impressed with the cast, particularly Abhishek Shake. Chatterjee. 

At The Reunion premiere, the hosts, Nick Lachey and Vanessa Lachey confront him about his image and his views. 

Shake shares his view on Love Is Blind reunion

When Nick asked him why he came to the show if he was looking for a conventional dating experience, Shake replied that he was lacking that emotional connection. But there are certain aspects to a relationship that goes beyond just love. “I want the emotional connection, everything that we know the show is supposed to do.”

But there’s also certain criteria there that go beyond the emotional connection. … Love is not purely blind to me.”

To Shake, love is partially blind. Upon hearing the response, Vanessa could not help herself but berate him for “joining the wrong show.” 

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Shake shocks the cast when he confesses his attraction to Vanessa

The host’s condescending tone did not stop him from further adding that he’s sexually attracted, Vanessa. Shake defends himself saying that it’s his nature, not a choice. 

“We all have our physical preferences. Listen, every woman in here is beautiful. I think you’re all beautiful. I’m not attracted to all of you. Unfortunately, the only one I’m attracted to is Vanessa — and I wish I wasn’t! I wish I wasn’t. The point is, it’s not a choice.”

This shocks the entire cast, especially Shayne who just can’t believe what he heard. 

At this point, Vanessa pointed out that “it’s a messed up relationship.”

Shake’s controversial views on love and attraction did not sit well with the cast or even the viewers. His very first strike was in the initial stages of pod dating. The contestants are not allowed to see each other unless they make a connection and get engaged. The basic premise is to fall in love with the person and not their appearance. But Shake turned it on its head when he asked Deepti Vempati about her weight. “Will I have trouble picking you up?” Later on, Shake would go on to proclaim to the world that Deepti isn’t sexually attractive.

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