“Let’s move to tequila”: Manuel Garcia-Rulfo Reveals the Mexican Suggestions He Made in ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ for Mickey Haller

“Let’s move to tequila”: Manuel Garcia-Rulfo Reveals the Mexican Suggestions He Made in ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ for Mickey Haller

Netflix has a distinctive collection of American drama shows and movies that are based on novels. Some interesting shows and movies streamed recently on the platform. One of the recent most loved shows is The Lincoln Lawyer in which Manuel Garcia-Rulfo portrays the lead character of Mickey Haller. The show talks about Mickey and his journey as a lawyer and how he runs from one courtroom to another in his Lincoln cars. Manuel wanted to create his own version of Mickey. Here’s how he did it.

Manuel Garcia-Rulfo and Mickey Haller

The Lincoln Lawyer show has its roots in the novel written by Michael Connelly in 2005. Mickey Haller is the Kick-ass lawyer in the courtroom. His ethnicity is Mexican-American. Mickey was born and raised in LA by his father, who was also a lawyer, and his mother, who was a Mexican actress. The casting and creative team of Netflix had already decided to stick with the original roots of the character.

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Michael Connelly, the writer, was kept in the loop and shared how Manuel was a perfect fit for the character. “He has an easy charm but it is also pretty clear that he thinks fast on his feet and is always two steps ahead of his opponents and sometimes even his clients. Manuel exudes this kind of confidence,” said the writer.

The reason for the creators of the show wanting to cast Manuel for Mickey is pretty obvious here. But they also wanted to create a whole new Mickey Haller for the viewers as the movie of the same name has already been made. Matthew McConaughey was the Lincoln Lawyer in the movie. As much as the showrunners love the movie and McConaughey, they wanted to have the duality of Mickey’s ethnicity visible more realistically in the Netflix Original.

“Let’s Move to Tequila”

Manuel also couldn’t believe that he got the lead in the American show. He worked very hard on his character as Mickey. He learned the language and overcame the biggest obstacle for him. The more he understood and embodied the character to himself, the more he became comfortable with it.

Manuel helped The Lincoln Lawyer creators with his version of Mickey. Since the actor himself belongs to the Mexican roots, he could bring the originality to the actual character. For instance, in the script, Mickey orders a burger, the most American thing, and Manuel told the creators, “Let’s explore his Mexican side and get burritos or tacos.”

At one point, Mickey orders bourbon, again the most American drink, and Manuel suggested, “Let’s move to tequila.” The creators immediately agreed with this suggestion because “Why not? It’s his heritage.”

They kept the originality and essence of the character in the show as it was in the novel. Manuel brought honesty and hard work with him to justify his character. What is your take on the character?

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