“Let me have this scene”- Fans Are Melting Over ‘The Mandalorian’ Actor Pedro Pascal’s Imitation of Grogu in an Interview

“Let me have this scene”- Fans Are Melting Over ‘The Mandalorian’ Actor Pedro Pascal’s Imitation of Grogu in an Interview

Pedro Pascal has had fans melting over his latest imitation of Grogu. The actor has famously earned the ‘daddy’ title on social media. Over the course of time, he has also proved why and how he earned the title. His role as the Mandalorian in the Disney Plus series has become a rage amongst fans. Baby Yoda’s cuteness and Pascal’s witty charm have only added to the weightage of the series.

The entertainer gave an interview to discuss his Star Wars spin-off, whether it be his shooting experience or having to show an attachment to an imaginary being. The actor was asked about what it was like working with Grogu, considering that the latter was made using mechanics and effects. The actor then proceeded to imitate the alien, making noises that he does. When his character finally removed the helmet in a scene, he looked at the puppet and went, “like let me have this scene, bro”. 

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He is well aware of Grogu’s fan following and wanted some attention to himself as well. Playing the titular character, he always wears a helmet, while Grogu does not have any dialogue. Yet, both managed to woo the audience with their uniqueness. But the actor’s imitation of jealousy has floored his fans.

Twitterati melted as Pedro Pascal imitated Grogu

Pedro Pascal has won the internet with his adorable protective roles in both The Mandalorian and The Last of Us. His recent imitation of making cute Grogu noises has only added to the love. Some fans wondered why the actor is so cute, while another stated how much they love him.

Another man commented with a rhetorical question, asking if there is anything that this actor cannot do. While the rest of the fans are just excited and cannot wait for the series to drop more episodes.

“Is there anything that talented man cannot do 😍 #PedroPascal #TheMandalorian #Grogu”

“In addition to an impression of his Son, I’m getting clicker vibes from that clip 😂 #TheLastOfUs #SNL”

such a baby girl 🥹🥹


ok why is he so damn cute?


😂😂😂 i love him ❤️


Like many other Star Wars spin-offs, The Mandalorian also proved to be successful after its initial release in 2019. The show goes into the past, to show the adolescent years of Yoda, whilst he is still discovering his powers. Pascal’s character is tasked by the Imperial Forces to retrieve Grogu, but Din Djarin decides to protect him instead. Now, Season 3 of the series dropped on 1st March with the third episode set to land on the 15th.

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What do you feel about Pedro Pascal’s imitation of Grogu? Put your thoughts in the comments.

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