Love Pedro Pascal in ‘The Last of Us’? Here Are 5 Projects Featuring the Magnificent Charm of the Chilean Actor

Love Pedro Pascal in ‘The Last of Us’? Here Are 5 Projects Featuring the Magnificent Charm of the Chilean Actor

One of the most popular shows that debuted in 2023 is The Last of Us. This HBO Original is generating loads of traction, and fans are going crazy over this show. But one more thing the internet is obsessing over is the lead of the show, Pedro Pascal. Pascal plays Joel in the show and has become quite famous due to it.

The 47-year-old actor is a Chilean-American actor who has been working in Hollywood for a very long time. He began his career with minor roles but rose to prominence over time. Now he has become an A-list actor and is the lead in one of the biggest shows of 2023. But what other shows have Pascal appeared in?

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5 shows you will love Pedro Pascal in

As per Daily O, Pedro was born in Santiago, Chile, to a psychologist and a fertility doctor. He grew up in quite an educated environment with open-minded parents. He began his career with Buffy the Vampire Slayer and later starred in The Good WifeHomeland, and The Mentalist. Back then, he began with minor roles before landing roles in some of the world’s most popular shows. This actor has appeared in all of the shows you’ve heard about. But here are five of the most well-known:

1. Game of Thrones 

This shown once and somewhere still rules the heart of its fans. While Pascal was one of its biggest fans, it was a supreme delight for him when he got a role in the show. He played Oberyn Martell in this prestigious series on HBO and got internationally famous.

2. Narcos 

This show became widely popular on Netflix due to its unique and novel storyline. While Wagner Moura played the role of Pablo Escobar, Pascal played Javier Peria. Not only did he nail that role in the show but was also critically praised by the reviewers.

3. The Mandalorian

This show is based on the famous Star Wars books by George Lucas and has had a fanbase since the beginning. Pedro Pascal played the lead role of The Mandalorian and gained much love for his performance. This American space television series has 3 seasons up to now.

4. The Great Wall

It is a multi-star film, which revolves around the life of a mercenary. Pedro played one of the mercenaries named Tovar in the movie. It was released in 2016 and also stars Matt Damon as the lead.

5. The Mentalist

As clear from the show’s name, it is about an independent consultant who, with the use of his sharp skills, solves crime. Pedro Pascal played a fellow agent, agent Marcus Pike and, though is not in the lead, was one of the biggest parts of the 7-year-long mystery show.

Have you seen anyone of the above or another of his notable works? Tell us in the comments.

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