Leighton Meester Talks About Motherhood and Her ‘The Weekend Away’ Character Beth

Leighton Meester Talks About Motherhood and Her ‘The Weekend Away’ Character Beth

The Weekend Star, Leighton Meester revealed the instant connection she felt with her movie character Beth. Meester plays a new mom, who embarked on a week-long vacation with her best friend Kate in Croatia. However, their fun trip comes to a halt when Kate is murdered and Beth finds herself the prime suspect in the case. 

Meester herself welcomed her second child, with her husband Adam Brody in 2020. Being a mother of two, the 35-year-old was able to connect with her character immediately. In an interview with Cosmopolitan UK’s YouTube channel, she said, “When I got the script breakdown it was like a 35-year-old [woman] with a 10-month-old [baby], and I was like, ‘That is exactly me.‘”

Leighton Meester on being terrified of leaving her kids

She further expressed her worries about being away from her kids and how difficult it is to be calm in such situations.

“There’s a need, at least for me, when anything happens — if your kid gets hurt or something happens — that that’s the number one concern. And you have to be the grown-up — which it’s really hard to be, even when you are the grown-up — and set the tone and be calm and comforting and freak out later.”

She confessed how being in Beth’s position, especially as a new mother, would freak her out. 

“But she’s not with her kid. That would drive me mad. I would be devastated to be in a situation like that and be thousands of miles away from my kid.”

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New music is on the way 

Leighton Meester will be dropping new music soon, probably at the end of this year. The Gossip Girl alum shared that she has already written and recorded a few things. Her music project took a backseat due to her pregnancy and the pandemic. 

‘I had it ready and set to go, and then pandemic…And I’ve had another child. So I thought, ‘This isn’t the right timing.’ So I think that the timing will probably happen this year, hopefully.’ 

Until we get some new music from her, you can stream her new movie, The Weekend Away on Netflix now. 

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