Kristen Bell Takes Up Questions About Her Career, the Woman in the House, and More

Kristen Bell Takes Up Questions About Her Career, the Woman in the House, and More

Kristen Bell  has been ruling our hearts for as long as we remember. Hence, there was never a question about whether we would like her performance in the Netflix show The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window. The show has been getting quite the attention from all around the world, and along with it Kristen has been in talks as well.

Recently, Kristen Bell sat down with Netflix Queue for a fun questions and answers session. She gave us a pretty insight into her career, her experiences while working on the Netflix Original series, and much more, including her recently binged show. So, with no further ado, let us dive into the fun and interesting session featuring Anna, from The Woman in the House… itself.

Kristen Bell on her first project and a role that made her fall in love with acting

When asked about her first role on screen, Kristen replied, “My first film role was playing Andy Richter’s daughter in a movie called Pootie Tang. The full title is Pootie Tang in Sine Your Pitty on the Runny Kine.

We all have moments that make us fall in love with what we do; so does Bell. When asked about a movie or a show that made her fall in love with acting, she said, “Two things made me fall in love with acting. Number one: musical theater, any and all musical theater, specifically Sondheim. But also the movie Waiting For Guffman — I thought it was the most excellent display of realistic comedy. And then I started to see funny things all around me in these real situations.”

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About her work on ‘The Woman in the House…’

When asked about her experience working with the cast of The Woman in the House Across the Street From the Girl in the Window? Kristen Bell answered, “This cast was a lot of fun. But this cast, more than any other cast, had so many questions. Because we kind of invented a tone here where it’s very serious, but we’re also trying to be very funny without being funny at all, and staying serious. So we were always nervous about whether or not we were hitting the joke. But the cast was so, so game.

Actors draw some common features or feeling between themselves and the characters that they are playing. Here is what Kristen said about sharing anything common with Anna, “Virtually nothing. But if I had to pick something, I would say her persistence.

Kristen Bell and her relationship with Netflix shows

Just like all of us, Kristen too has a favorite Netflix show. “It’s the best show that’s ever been made. It’s called, I Think You Should Leave, and I’ve probably seen it nine times. How many bodies did they have coming out of those coffins?” she said when asked about it.”

When asked about the last show she binged on Netflix, Kristen replied, “Squid Game.” Clearly, she has a lot of catching up to do before Squid Game season 2 is here.

Checkout the entire QnA here.

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