“Kiss cam” Once Caught Dustin Hoffman, Now 85 and Jason Bateman, 53 Getting Intimate in The 2010 Lakers Game

“Kiss cam” Once Caught Dustin Hoffman, Now 85 and Jason Bateman, 53 Getting Intimate in The 2010 Lakers Game

One of the last remaining actor-directors of the anti-hero boom who dominated the last decade of television is undoubtedly the Ozark Kingpin, Jason Bateman. Known for his crude humor and wildly intense cinematography, Bateman has served as one of the most sought-after stars for various top-rated cult classic shows.

The key to all his massive success smoothly comes down to how those two roles blend on screen. However, his professional obscenity and coarse sense of humor have always got us laughing our brains out. Here is another instance, when the brilliant star shocked all of his fans, once again in a basketball game. He shared the beautiful yet ridiculously hilarious moment with one of his co-stars, Dustin Hoffman. Some of you must be thinking it to be some sort of in-the-stand dominance like that of Will Arnett’s stories. But what happened was a deeply sensual and deliciously mouthful kiss that Bateman gave into.

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Bringing back the kiss-cam moment between Jason Bateman and Dustin Hoffman

Yes, you read it right enough. Jason Bateman and eminent Hollywood actor, Dustin Hoffman did share a kiss in the stands and probably made the kiss cameraman’s day. The same they addressed, five years later, in a BBC interview segment where Hoffman unfolds the actual story behind it. So as it happened, both basketball enthusiasts always had a knack for visiting the games with either their wives or their dearest friends. 


Hence, back in 2010,  Hoffman, his wife Lisa, and Jason accompanied by his wife Amanda had teamed up to enjoy the match at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. There is always a custom of a hidden “kiss cam” where they focus the camera on two people and they are supposed to kiss.

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Until that day, it was Hoffman and his wife who were carrying on the custom forward. But to our surprise, when Jason, 41 accompanied the 73-year-old star, they forgot about their wives and puckered up to share an intimate kiss in the stands. 

As hilarious as it was, Jason in the interview played on with his sharp-witted sarcasm some more and said, “we did a movie together and fell for each other deeply“. This by far remains one of the most hysterical instances we got by Bateman. In the Netflix blockbuster, Ozark, Bateman’s a straight man act who constantly avoids disaster with the skin of his teeth while also giving us a perfect proportion of humor throughout the show. 

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