Back When Will Arnett’s Hilarious Jimmy Kimmel Show Turned Into the Roast of Jason Bateman Real Quick

Back When Will Arnett’s Hilarious Jimmy Kimmel Show Turned Into the Roast of Jason Bateman Real Quick

Stars of Hollywood have never let their fans run out of free entertaining content. Throughout the year through special events and live shows, we often come across such moments where the stars, along with their friends and co-actors, give a hearty laugh. Such was a moment to cherish at a Jimmy Kimmel Live show where Arrested Development star Will Arnett roasted the brains out of long-term buddy Jason Bateman. 

While talking about his fascination with football, the Canadian actor started off by reminiscing about his football moments with his friend Jason Bateman. However, little did we know that the conversation would take such a hilarious turn that would leave Bateman all baffled if he were watching.

When Will Arnett mocked his friend Jason Bateman at Jimmy Kimmel’s

Arnett, first of all, remarked on how Jason is tough to watch (football games) with. Then he took another round of jabs at Bateman as he narrated a hilarious incident with the Ozark Star. Will talked about how once in a Dodgers baseball match, he wore Jason’s own gloves and snagged a foul ball coming out of the air when he almost had it. He, along with the host, had a contagious laugh talking about the “look at his face” when Will seized Jason’s moment. 

However, this is not the first time Jason’s once-upon-a-time castmate and forever bestie made jokes about him. Another time at the Conan talk show, the star strived on to roast Bateman for twelve minutes straight. He made the entire audience cracking up by imitating Bateman’s mannerisms and his ways on the sets in the most hilarious way possible. 

The saga of their timeless friendship does not end there. The two stars have also teamed up for an apple podcast called “SmartLess,” which is a delight to hear these days. Their unshaken bond is now known as one of the top duos of Hollywood for the better part of twenty years.

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What are your thoughts about Jason Bateman and Will Arnett’s friendship? Did you like them together in their most cherished sitcom, Arrested Development? Do you have someone as close as they are too? Pour it out all in the comments below. 

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