King Charles’s Younger Brother Prince Edward to Meet Pop Icon Ariana Grande on the Sets of ‘Wicked’

King Charles’s Younger Brother Prince Edward to Meet Pop Icon Ariana Grande on the Sets of ‘Wicked’

Members of the UK royal family have been rubbing shoulders with top-tier celebrities for a while now. After Hollywood A-lister Tom Cruise’s open support to King Charles for the coronation, the palace has been in talks for getting more pop icons lined up for the Coronation. However, it seems like it has taken forever. Nonetheless, King Charles’s younger brother, Prince Edward, has come to save the day with his special encounter with ‘7 Rings’ singer, Ariana Grande. 

After many unsuccessful trials to vet a legit celebrity, King Charles’s elder brother is reportedly in talks to meet Grande for the coronation. The royal is supposed to cross paths with the star on the sets of a brand new blockbuster movie, Wicked. An exclusive report from The Sun brought it to our notice that Prince Edward is set to make a royal tour through the same musical theater. 

According to the outlet, a film insider revealed, “Edward’s visit has been kept under wraps.” For the record, they have invited the senior royal as the guest of honor to the movie set who is “actually going to meet some of the stars, including Ariana.” The royal might also be joking about the star joining the coronation. However, sources close to Grande reveal “she probably won’t.

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Prior to this, eminent celebrities like British Titan Harry Styles, Adele, and a former performer at the Royals, Ed Sheeran, have also turned down the Palace’s Invitation to perform at Westminster Abbey on the day of the Crowning Ceremony. 

Will Ariana Grande actually attend the Coronation as feted by Prince Edward?

The sets are reportedly based in London. The star is one of the leading casts of stars in filming the blockbuster movie. It is also to be noted that everything is to be taken with a grain of salt as no official confirmation has come as of now. The speculations come in light of King Charles and Queen Camilla compiling a line-up for the coronation concert. 

Despite their continued efforts to get pop stars to perform at the Coronation, no stars have been finalized as of now.

Party poppers Adele and Sheeran have given the reasons for clashing events with the Coronation. Meanwhile, other stars like Kingsley Hall, are taking into account the “recent rash of negative exposure” the Royals have endured. In light of the same, the after-party of one of the greatest occasions of the royal family seems anything but epic. 

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