Kim Kardashian Once Revealed the One Thing About Kanye West That Gave Her Anxiety

Kim Kardashian Once Revealed the One Thing About Kanye West That Gave Her Anxiety

Kim Kardashian once revealed how Kanye West gave her anxiety. Kimye may have parted, but the duo was definitely a favorite for many fans while together. So much so that some still hope the two would patch things up. In light of recent controversies, the chances of that happening are pretty low. Everyone witnessed the very public and hateful divorce that the two went through. What certainly doesn’t help is the stress and anxiety Ye has caused Kim with his actions since their divorce.

They say opposites attract, and in their case, it did. Despite this, they shared interesting chemistry and were known for their fashion styles, often twining together. Thie futuristic home also caught the attention of many people, especially for its unique modern bath. We have seen them showing off the property in an interview from their time together and in the same interview, Kardashian revealed what about her husband makes her anxious.

How Kanye West triggered Kim Kardashian’s anxiety

Kanye and Kim are two celebrities who make social buzz for their controversies more than their actual profession. The couple awaits the finalization of their divorce now. But there was a time when they lived together as a family. During this, they appeared on the YouTube channel Architectural Digest. One of the sessions involved the couple asking questions to each other. They both gave some adorable and honest answers.

But one of which was a question for Kim about Kanye: “What room are you most proud of”? Kim promptly said Ye is proud of his closet. Kanye asked her the reason behind the answer to which Kim replied, “you have a whole new system for how you fold your clothes and how you like to organize your clothese, and it gives me full anxiety”. According to her, he completely took out the bars in the closet and had a new system installed.

Kanye gave us details about his closet, saying that he can see the entire closet. But then he also revealed that the answer was actually the living room. Admiring British-Indian sculptor Anish Kapoor, Ye said that his actual favorite was not a room but a sculpture in his living room and that he wishes to live inside it.

Their bathroom is perhaps one of the most notable features of their futuristic, minimalistic home, and Ye took special efforts to build it, making it one of his favorite rooms in the house.

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The designer actually admired his mother-in-law for suggesting they have a bigger bathroom, which, according to Kim, pushed the completion of their project by 8 months. They completed the answer in a funny way by unanimously thanking Kris Jenner for her advice.

What did you think of Kanye and Kim’s minimalistic home, in which Kim currently resides?

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