“Kicking each other’s a** a little bit” – Ryan Reynolds Finally Opened Up About His and Blake Lively’s Comic Relationship

“Kicking each other’s a** a little bit” – Ryan Reynolds Finally Opened Up About His and Blake Lively’s Comic Relationship

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively were born to be together, but they were also born to make people laugh. This iconic Hollywood couple is unique in their own way and never misses a chance to troll each other on the internet. It is one of the many reasons for their popularity. It will not be incorrect to claim that they are with each other to steal each other’s thunder.

Their relationship is full of harsh yet fun truth bombs that they drop on each other repeatedly. Regardless, they do it in the most sarcastic way possible. However, the couple has not mentioned the reason for this troll. In an interview, The Adam’s Project star recently opened up about his humorous relationship with his wife.

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Why do Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively roast each other?

While a lot of other celebrities believe in a public display of affection, the Red Notice actor and his wife have always believed in trolling each other. As per Cinema Blend, the 46-year-old actor says that he believes that all displays of love should be done behind closed doors. Social media, on the other hand, is something the most googled couple in Hollywood prevents to display their love on.

However, this does not mean that the couple never let their cutesy side show. At times, you can spot them looking at each other with endless love in their eyes. Remember the time when Reynolds thanked Lively at his “Walk of Fame” ceremony and called her his “everything“?

Even though the couple roasts each other so much, they have never revealed who initially began this feud. When the Green Lantern actor was asked this question, he too did not know the definite answer to it. Although he mentioned that his wife always had a “super acerbic” of her. Adding more to it, he said, “We’ve always sort of had a relationship that’s predicated on kicking each other’s ass a little bit… we have fun with it.”

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The soon-to-be father for the fourth time said that it is a sign of safety in the relationship and is also very effective. Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively already have three beautiful daughters and are soon expecting their fourth child.

Will their fourth child be a boy or a girl? Tell us your guess in the comments.

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