Kate Middleton’s Latest Royal Outfit Had the Special Nod to Princess Diana Which Was Snubbed by Camilla Years Ago

Kate Middleton’s Latest Royal Outfit Had the Special Nod to Princess Diana Which Was Snubbed by Camilla Years Ago

Royal attires are always much more than the gorgeous outfit that we witness from the outside. Most of the time, they assimilate some core values, prestigious tributes, and even special nodes to personalities of great importance. Time and again, the women of the British royal family have embodied such in-depth messages in everything that they wear. This time around, it was the Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton, doing the honors of paying her late mother-in-law a tribute, despised by others in the past. 

Princess of Wales Kate Middleton
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A couple of days ago, the Queen-in-waiting to the throne donned an elegant yet lightweight navy peplum dress for the Commonwealth Day Service. The family of four gathered at the 11th-century church, Westminster Abbey, to render off their duties towards the auspicious day. The Princess nudged a rise for peplum designs with her latest outfit. However, what caught the attention of most onlookers was the gorgeous addition to the dress, which was reminiscent of the former Princess of Wales, Lady Diana. 

Kate Middleton made a royal comeback with the historic jewelry

Along with the monochromatic outfit, Kate Middleton donned the classic Queen Alexandra Three Feathers brooch worth a whopping $680,000. The same was previously worn by Lady Diana Spencer when she ascended to the Princess of Wales titles upon her marriage. Spectators took no time to realize that this same gesture was a bold tribute to the People’s Princess by Middleton.

The same also became a hot topic of discussion in the Royally Obsessed Podcast where the experts also pointed out something more. As reported by Daily Express, even the pair of earrings worn by Kate Middleton earlier belonged to the late Princess Diana. However, the brooch has more history attached to it than we ever thought. 

The backstory of the ancestral brooch 

The exceptional royal jewelry dates back to the year 1863 when it first made its public appearance on Princess Alexandra of Denmark as she married the then-future King Edward VII. Ever since it has been passed down as a royal heritage to the significant female members of the royal family. Especially the ones with the Princess of Wales’ title. Its most recent age-old appearance was made by the Queen Mother.

It ultimately went to Princess Diana, before reverting to the late Queen Elizabeth following her demise. King Charles once made a public demand of his beloved wife, Queen Camilla, to take it over from the Queen. However, it has been rarely accessorized in any of her attires. She could never actually ascend to the Princess of Wales title because of its strong association with Princess Diana alone. 

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Were you aware of the historical royal brooch before? How did you like it on Kate Middleton? Let us know in the comments below. 

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