Kate Middleton and Prince William Keeping Close Tab on ‘Harry & Meghan’? Insider Spills Information

Kate Middleton and Prince William Keeping Close Tab on ‘Harry & Meghan’? Insider Spills Information

After Royal experts and analysts split open the Netflix big hit docuseries, Harry & Meghan had become the hot topic of the town. Although the viewer’s disclaimer of the series said the Royal Family has denied commenting on the same, there have been some further developments. Reports also had it that the future king, Prince William, has strongly denied watching the series. However, Palace insiders have something revealing to say. 

As reported by People’s magazine, Prince William and Kate Middleton are trying their best to keep their eyes off the explosive docuseries. The rivalry between the brothers is nowhere near a truce, and both seem to stand firmly on their ground. However, in another report, headlines read not William and Kate, but their royal aides are keeping a tab on the younger brother’s deeds.

Prince William and Kate Middleton are keeping themselves updated on Harry & Meghan

The Palace insider told People that although they are steering clear of the docuseries, the Prince and Princess of Wales are “ensuring their aides view it“. They are reportedly still keyed to what Harry and Meghan Markle are saying about the family in the docuseries. The source also said that they are fully aware of what happened in the first Volume of the six-part docuseries. This is because their assistants have seen it. 

The brothers last appeared together at the funeral ceremony of Britain’s late monarch, Queen Elizabeth II. Undoubtedly, Harry and William did put up a united front before the subjects. However, “there is still a lot of anger” between them, said the source. In the just-released tail episode of the show, Prince Harry opened up about the dispute between the two in detail. Starting from minor misunderstandings to ghastly disputes, the fallout between the brothers was inevitable, as it seemed to be. 

He also talked about what provoked the infamous Megxit the most. Fans would be surprised, but the self-exiled Prince also hinted at William’s hand in pushing them to take the step. All in all, a mutual amendment between the Duke and the Prince seems next to impossible in the present circumstances. 

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Have you seen Harry & Meghan yet? What do you think about the Waleses stance on not watching the docuseries? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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    Carol Purdy
    December 30, 2022 at 5:50 am

    I feel that HM are narsasis and horrible and. She never h their titles should be taken away. The institution is solid without them. I am a American but I have loved Queen Elizabeth most of my life. She would have never appreciated this ridiculous antics.

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