Is Meghan Markle The Reason That Broke Prince Harry and Prince William’s Age Old Pact?

Is Meghan Markle The Reason That Broke Prince Harry and Prince William’s Age Old Pact?

Despite their differences, the future King, Prince William, and the Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry, always had a close relationship until now. All of this was adhering to a long-standing pact between the two brothers. The terms of the pact make it binding on both of them to clear all family feuds and disturbances and try to amend their relationship at any cost. However, that seems to have come to an end since both of them have turned their backs on one another. But what does it have to do with Meghan Markle?

Sources closer to the Royal Family state that it again has something to do with the Duchess of Sussex. Although there are no such explicitly confirmed claims, rumors have it that the pact has something to do with Markle. So, what was the actual reason behind the never ending clash between the Waleses and the Sussexes?

The termination of the pact between Prince Harry and Prince William due to Meghan Markle

Reports by Closer UK have it that Meghan Markle is apparently displeased with trying to make any changes to the strained ties between the families. On one hand, the Princess of Wales has been urging both the Royal brothers to “sit down and somehow try to patch up differences” whereas, Markle is feeling its stint. According to the published news, the Duchess does not want to put any effort into going forward with peace talks. 

As from William’s side, it is said that he would not budge from family responsibilities that have been bestowed on him. However, the future King apparently requires a “cast iron guarantee” that any further familiar matters would strictly remain private. Officials say that he demands security that things of the Palace will remain within the Palace. They should not slip beyond the gates for any outside media fiasco or sprawling paparazzi.

At this point, Prince Harry has burned many bridges to clean dirt off the Imperial Family’s name. Hence, he does not want to move ahead any further without any confidence. In fact, he has also asked Harry not to broadcast confidential matters through any memoir or document. Nonetheless, the Sussexes do not seem to agree with anything as such. 

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What do you think the Sussexes’ answer would be to such conditions posed before them?

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