Kate Middleton and Her History of Shamrocking at St. Patrick’s Day

Kate Middleton and Her History of Shamrocking at St. Patrick’s Day

Kate Middleton’s sense of style is top notch. Some even draw parallels between Middleton’s choice of style with that of her husband’s late mother, Lady Diana. While others often pit her against another commendable member of the chic style club and fellow Royal in-law, Meghan Markle. There is room for discussion regarding the choice of outfits at various events attended by the Royals. However, that Kate Middleton is a clear-cut winner when it comes to styling on St. Patrick’s Day should have no arguments.

This year, the mother of three marked her first-ever St.Patrick’s Day after she received the title of honorary colonel last year. Therefore, her outfit had to be a cut above the rest from the previous years. And it was all that and so much more. In honor of Kate Middleton’s first St.Patrick’s Day as a colonel, here are some of the looks she has worn in celebration of the Irish Guards.

Kate Middleton and her chic St.Patrick’s Day outfits

Given that this was her first time celebrating as a colonel, the 40-year-old royal made sure that her outfit has an impact. And what better way than ditching the plain green in favor of a blue? Many were confused as to why would she make the mistake of wearing blue when green signifies St.Patrick’s Day. But the Princess of Wales makes no mistakes when it comes to her St.Patrick’s Day outfit. Therefore, the reason she chose a blue outfit was that she could match with the plumes on the bearskin caps of the guards.

Apart from the stellar choice of color, the Princess of Wales opted for her classic Catherine Walker & Co dress coat. And of course, it would not be a Kate Middleton St.Patrick’s Day outfit without her staple Shamrock badge.

Princess of Wales and her St. Patrick’s Day Legacy

Middleton may have only now been honored with the title of a colonel, however, she has long been paving her way to leave her legacy on St.Patrick’s Day through her outfits. Although considered a frivolous affair by some, an outfit truly holds the power to speak a thousand words. And Middleton is no stranger to the concept. Year after year since her marriage with Prince William, the mother of three has given netizens a masterclass in St.Patrick’s Day outfits.

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From the Laura Green coat dress in 2022 to the shamrock necklace in 2021, Kate Middleton has never disappointed with her St. Patrick’s Day outfit. As the Princess of Wales is yet to do a closet tour, one cannot definitely say if she has a separate section dedicated to St. Patrick’s Day outfits adorned with different shades of emerald and, of course, shamrock-shaped jewelry. However, all the stellar outfits point toward its existence.

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