“A responsibility I do not take lightly”- Kate Middleton Attends Her First St. Patrick’s Day as “Colonel Catherine”

“A responsibility I do not take lightly”- Kate Middleton Attends Her First St. Patrick’s Day as “Colonel Catherine”

St. Patrick’s Day 2023 is here and so was Colonel Catherine with the Irish Guards to address her troop. Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales, first received the title of Honorary Colonel of the Irish Guards in December 2022, when King Charles addressed the public one day after the Late Queen’s demise. The Princess has previously attended the event since her wedding to Prince William in 2011, but this was her first time as the troop’s colonel and Prince of Wales’ last.

Middleton is famous for her diligence towards her royal responsibilities, so it is not surprising that the Princess graciously attended the St. Patrick’s Day celebration with the Irish Guards this year.

Kate Middleton makes her mark as Colonel Catherine on St. Patrick’s Day

Friday, 17th March 2023, saw the Prince and Princess of Wales attending the At. Patrick’s Day celebration with the Irish Guards at Aldershot, as has been their annual routine since 2011. Only this time, the event acted as a handover of the Colonel’s role from one royal to another. Prince William, who was previously the Honorary Colonel of the Guards, gave a farewell speech sharing what honor it had been to serve the troop all these years. While acknowledging the event as his last as the Colonel, he introduced his wife as “a committed, focused, and already incredibly loyal 11th Colonel.”

Kate Middleton, like her husband, expressed her gratefulness at becoming the new colonel. The Princess addressed the troop and their families, promising to be there to listen, support, and champion them as their colonel. “this is a responsibility I do not take lightly,” said Middleton, as reported by People.

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During her speech, she referenced her previous visit to the troop on March 8th, stating how impressed she was by their dedication on the cold morning at Salisbury Plain. The event also saw the new colonel taking part in the distribution of shamrock sprigs that the guards pin to their tunics. She also received an honor previously reserved to Prince William: the royal salute as the troop marched.

In her speech, she also thanked her husband for always talking highly of the regiment and assuring the gathering that he will continue supporting in everything they do. She closed her address by wishing the Guards a happy St. Patrick’s Day.

While a first for Middleton, this wasn’t the first time she celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with the regiment.

The Wales royal always honored the day with her presence and dress

Before his wedding to the Princess of Wales in 2011, Prince William received the title of Honorary Colonel of Irish Guards. Since then, the Waleses have been attending and celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with the Guards. The only years they didn’t were during the Pandemic, but they resumed their annual visit in 2022. And each year, Middleton honored the troop by sporting a green ensemble and this year she didn’t break the tradition by wearing a teal Catherine Walker & Co outfit.

Each annual visit also saw the Wales royal distributing the traditional shamrock emblem to the guards. But the Irish Guards is not the only regiment the Princess visited each year. She always accompanied her husband on St. David’s Day to celebrate the occasion with the Welsh Guards, this year as the wife of the honorary colonel of the regiment.

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It would seem like the Waleses, especially Kate Middleton, are killing it with their royal duties. What did you think about the speech the queen in waiting gave earlier today? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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