Karate Kid Easter Eggs You Failed to Notice in Cobra Kai

Karate Kid Easter Eggs You Failed to Notice in Cobra Kai

Sequels, spinoffs, and live-action adaptations are always tough to crack. However, the creators have a lot to gain if the audience enjoys the series/movie. Cobra Kai is one such example, as it is riding the wave of positive response. Even the creators of Cobra Kai have put in those extra efforts to satisfy “The Karate Kid” fans.

Cobra Kai has followed the rich legacy of “The Karate Kid” trilogy. Thus, fans have got a ton of Easter eggs in the four seasons of the series. So, let us look at some big Easter eggs, which viewers have missed even though they were right in front of them.

Miyagi-Do is full of Easter eggs

Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) has restored Mr. Miyagi’s dojo to the old times. All around the dojo, you can find memorabilia of Mr. Miyagi’s teachings and his personal life. The dirt lot has the original yellow 1947 Ford Super Deluxe Convertible, and thanks to Daniel’s waxing lessons, it remains clean. Although the car has made several appearances, another of Daniel’s lessons is hard to spot.

In the season 4 premiere, Johnny’s first combined training is a bit too much for Chris (Khalil Everage). We see the poor lad almost vomit in a boat kept in the dirt lot. This boat is none other than the balancing boat from “The Karate Kid,” but Daniel hasn’t maintained it like the cars.

Miguel also falls in water during one of Daniel’s lessons. And Daniel quotes Mr. Miyagi, “Looks like you’re a little wet behind the ears.”

Terry Silver’s wine is special

The first episode of Season 4 also marked the return of Terry Silver, but he wasn’t the same. However, after meeting John Kreese, Terry started doubting his nature. When Terry enters his wine cellar, a wine bottle placed on the platform attracts his attention. Terry gives it a perfect kick to rediscover his karate mojo.

But the wine that Terry kicked was a special homage to Robert Mark Kamen, screenwriter of the original movies. Cobra Kai creators cleverly branded the wine bottle with Kamen Estate Wines to pay a tribute to “The Karate Kid” screenwriter.

What about the fight scenes?

Cobra Kai has recreated the fight scenes from “The Karate Kid” in multiple instances. Season one’s Halloween party, where Miguel wore the same costume as Johnny, but Kyler thrashed him, portrayed a good character swap. The series uses the same character swap when Miguel uses Daniel’s crane kick in the All Valley Karate Tournament.

Kenny’s humiliation at the hands of Anthony and his friends also leads to Easter eggs. Kenny tries to run away from the bullies and is successful in doing so as he climbs the cyclone fence. However, in the film, Daniel, who didn’t climb the cyclone fence, got beaten up by Johnny and his friends.

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These were some of the major Easter eggs we found in season 4.

Let us know in the comments about some other Easter eggs that you have spotted.

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