WATCH: THIS TikTok Video Summarizes Cobra Kai in the Most Epic Way

WATCH: THIS TikTok Video Summarizes Cobra Kai in the Most Epic Way

Cobra Kai is back with season 4 of Karate and teenage rivalry dragged on to middle age. If fans of the series are concerned about having forgotten what happened through the course of the series, worry not as this TikToker summarises the first 3 seasons of Cobra Kai in the most epic way possible. They made sure they captured all memorable events of the series- from the moment Eli became Hawk to Kreese getting hold of Cobra Kai.

The clip was so perfect that even the official Twitter account of Netflix couldn’t resist sharing it with the fans, giving it a larger platform. Watch the clip here for a refresher on Cobra Kai seasons 1 to 3:

Did that remind you of iconic vines from the Rick Roll era of the Internet? You’re certainly not alone. The video seems like an extension to the kind of content fans would go to Vine for.

Cobra Kai season 4- release date and synopsis

With all the hype surrounding it, there is no way one doesn’t know that Netflix has released Cobra Kai season 4 recently. We have seen Johnny and Daniel meet each other and realize that they still haven’t let go of their grudges against each other from the All Valley Karate Tournament 1984 in season 1. The two have somehow come a long way and haven’t changed at all at the same time since then.

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They have learned that joining hands is the best way to defeat John Kreese, who now owns Cobra Kai. In the latest season of the Netflix Original series, we will watch the Miyagi-do and Eagle Fang dojos join hands as their last hope of defeating Kreese’s Cobra Kai.

Cobra Kai season 4 was released on December 31, 2021, making for the perfect ending of the year. If you haven’t seen the last season or the show yet, this is your cue to check out this masterpiece that continues from the original Karate Kid films.

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