After Antisemitic Comments and Backlash, Kanye West to Relaunch His Exclusive Christian School, Donda Academy

After Antisemitic Comments and Backlash, Kanye West to Relaunch His Exclusive Christian School, Donda Academy

Kanye West made headlines later this year when he made anti-semitic remarks. His hate speech resulted in multiple nullified contracts and losses. It also affected his financial standing as he dropped off from the list of billionaires. Balenciaga, GAP, and Adidas famously cut ties with him. 

While the demise of his Yeezy designs was all over the news. The status of his exclusive Christian School, Donda Academy, was overlooked. His rage rants equally affected the school. It shut down, but Ye is now working on a plan to relaunch it.

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Kanye West to reopen Donda Academy at Cornerstone Christian Church

Ye’s school was inaugurated without formal accreditation early this year. It was based in Simi Valley, offering its students language, arts, science, maths, and Christian lessons. The academy also offered special courses to its students. However, the academy did not last long. It closed in October in the wake of Ye’s controversial statements. But interestingly, the students and teachers received mail soon after notifying them that the school was in fact open. 

Now according to the latest reports, Kanye West is having discussions with the pastor of Cornerstone Christian Church to relaunch his school there. He is interested in the vast space the church can offer to host the sessions. The church lawyers are already drafting a lease for the producer. 

Even if things get sorted, and Donda Academy reopens again, there are reports of teachers and students unwilling to attend the school. West’s negative image has dramatically impacted the school. They do not have any association with Kim’s ex-husband. 

Meanwhile, the divorced battle between him and Kim has finally come to an end. But there is no end to his legal and money troubles. He owes the American government $50 million in taxes. The College Dropout phenomenon has further picked a fight with former president Donald Trump. He accused him of insulting his wife. In turn, Trump retorted that Ye was mentally sick. 

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Amidst the hurricane, the rapper still hopes to win the US presidential election next season.

Do you think West can attain success with his school?

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