Have the Tables Turned? Kanye West Comes After Balenciaga; Covers the Brand’s Logo With a YE24 Sticker

Have the Tables Turned? Kanye West Comes After Balenciaga; Covers the Brand’s Logo With a YE24 Sticker

The long partnership between Kanye West and Balenciaga came to an end in October this year. The brand ended the contract with Kanye also putting an end to the Yeezy designs following Ye’s hate speech. Ye’s erratic behavior and rage rants reached a peak when he made anti-semitic remarks online. 

His statements against the Jewish community were condemned by celebs and the public alike. Not only Balenciaga, Adidas, and GAP followed suit and ended their long collaboration with the rapper. This had an adverse effect on Ye’s financial status. However, since Balenciaga is under fire now, the rapper has taken a dig at the designer brand. 

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Kanye West slams Balenciaga amidst the controversies

Kanye West was recently spotted in LA wearing a jacket with an American flag on it, a baseball cap, and his signature Balenciaga rain boots. However, the brand’s logo on the $1,100 boots was hidden with a YE24 sticker. The sticker announces once again Ye’s plan to run for the office next year. His first stab at the US presidential election did not work out.


Not one to keep his opinions to himself, the rapper recently claimed that the Balenciaga situation shows celebs are puppets because no one is talking about the brand and yet everyone tried to ruin his business.

It shows you all celebrities are controlled. You don’t see no celebrities talking about the Balenciaga situation,” he said.

Balenciaga is receiving backlash for its recent campaigns featuring kids holding teddy bears wearing bondage gear. The BDSM-inspired fits have raised several concerns regarding child safety and child pornography. Ye’s ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, another long-standing collaborator, has also spoken up about the issue, and so did Bella Hadid. 

In silent protest, Hadid has deleted photos of her Balenciaga campaign from her Instagram. Julia Fox has also shared her thoughts regarding the controversy on TikTok. 

Balenciaga has since issued an apology and put out a statement condemning child abuse. The company has also sued the production company, North Six, and its agent, Nicholas Des Jardins. 

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Can Balenciaga survive this? Do you think the brand’s recent campaign is problematic?

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