Kanye West Fans Prove 808’s & Heartbreak Is Still Superior as an Unreleased Track Makes Rounds

Kanye West Fans Prove 808’s & Heartbreak Is Still Superior as an Unreleased Track Makes Rounds

Kanye West is one of the most cherished music artists of the generation. Be it for his impactful lyrics or the dedication to always present something new on the table, West has been unstoppable since his early days. This has led the rapper to amass one of the biggest and most passionate fan bases of all time. The rapper almost every time falls on a soft cushion, thanks to his fanbase backing him up. Despite the bizarre controversies that he has been involved in over the years, fans may continue to stay mum in favor of his music.

When we say fans will do anything to listen to Kanye West’s music, we mean it. The rapper has had to deal with his songs leaking online prior to their release countless times. However, this time in almost two decades after its release, a track from West’s 2008 fan-favorite album ‘808s & Heartbreak/Good A*s Job’ seems to have surfaced online.

Kanye West fans prove 808s & Heartbreak is still superior

The album was released in 2008, after the death of West’s mother in 2007 due to health complications and naturally was different from the rest of his albums. This album showcased his musical genius like never before as he opted for softer tones and relied upon more auto-tune this time around. In a week, ‘808’s & Heartbreak’ had already set a record by selling 450,000 copies. It easily peaked on the Billboard charts. One of Ye’s most critically acclaimed albums is still superior as an unreleased track titled ‘I’ll be Alright’ has fans vibing to it. The track, although unanimously agreed to be spectacular, was leaked online as reported by HipHopnMore.

The track somehow made its way to SoundCloud, and it is pretty evident that it did not make it to the final cut, as Ye’s mumbling is still audible. However, there is something extremely soothing to hear West in the process of making his amazing tracks.

Why are Ye’s unreleased songs so popular?

West is one of the few musicians in this generation who strive for perfection and it is evident in his music. Therefore, while fans shower love on his released tracks, they are also tempted by the unreleased tracks.

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The songs that never even made the final cut are widely appreciated with millions of streams on SoundCloud. ‘I’ll be Alright’ is only of the lot. This only proves that West has built up quite an indestructible empire with his music. While his fashion empire may be struggling, his music will always persevere.

What is your favorite unreleased Kanye West track? Let us know in the comments below.

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