“It was a magnetic attraction” -Back When Kanye West Got Candid About Falling in Love With Then-Wife Kim Kardashian

“It was a magnetic attraction” -Back When Kanye West Got Candid About Falling in Love With Then-Wife Kim Kardashian

The Donda Rapper and once-billionaire Kanye West along with the SKIMS owner, Kim Kardashian once made what they call the most famous celebrity couple to ever exist. Although things have gone totally south and the damage made is irreparable, there was a time when West could hardly keep himself together while gushing about his wife. Not once, or twice, but the rapper has taken to multiple platforms to express his love for Kardashian. 

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Having received much fame and glory for their once beautiful decade-long love story, the stars have been frequently asked about their love life in the past. And unlike the subtle jibes and indirect hits nowadays, the lovebirds were all praises for each other. 

Right when their romance was at its peak before hitting an all-time low, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian sat for an interview with E! to talk about their love life. Ye who could not have enough of it gushed, “every time I was around her or I saw her, it was a magnetic attraction to this force of energy”. 

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Looking at his then-wife’s history, Ye further added how she was “good, pure, happy, loving, brave and courageous, strong” and the adjectives did not end until Kim Kardashian added her side of the story as well. 

What did Kim Kardashian say about her relationship with Kanye West?

As reported in the interview, both the stars decided on dating after having had each other for 10 years. Kim explained that during those years “they always kept connecting and coming back to each other’s life“. Speaking about the transition phase, the now-mother of four revealed the exact point past which they came to be known as couples. 

Credits: Imago

Kardashian exclaims how Ye had invited her to Paris for his fashion show. “That’s when it happened,  That’s when we started our relationship.” She recalled how badly she had freaked out but gradually she got it all. Although she wanted it to happen way too soon, “it was just right” when they got together in the year 2012.

How did you like the couple and their once-beautiful journey of life? Do you know something more to pitch in? 

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