“Just like Ryan!”- Broadway Star Benjamin Pajak Teams Up With Hugh Jackman To Pay a Small Tribute To Ryan Reynolds

“Just like Ryan!”- Broadway Star Benjamin Pajak Teams Up With Hugh Jackman To Pay a Small Tribute To Ryan Reynolds

As the hype around Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman’s upcoming blockbuster escalates, we keep getting more of countless wholesome content. There have been many such updates and sneak peeks that have created a stir among the fans. Likewise, recently Hugh Jackman, an avid social media user, uploaded another post dedicated to Deadpool 3. Only this time, not taking a jibe at his co-star but actually paying him a small tribute.

Ever since the announcement of Wolverine’s return for the Reynolds starrer Deadpool 3, the star has actively taken part in the movie’s promotion. He has forever kept the fans hungry, grounded, and enthralled. But this time we could not handle the cuteness overloaded in a post he shared a few hours ago on his Instagram handle. Read further to know what it was.

Hugh Jackman and Benjamin Pajak pay a lovely homage to Deadpool 

Hugh Jackman posted a short video segment on his Instagram account featuring his once-co-star and a die-hard fan of Deadpool. It had the adorable yet talented, Broadway star Benjamin Pajak who was seen citing some of Ryan’s monologues. Jackman was seen prompting and giving the star a boost to nail Ryan’s monologues. “Just like Ryan!” he said, pushing up on his young friend for his marvelous attempts. 

The star, although had achieved much fame and recognition, was yet too young to memorize all of Ryan’s stunning lines. Nevertheless, he could not have performed better. Pajak also had a Deadpool mask on adding to his enthusiasm and followed Jackman’s advice with everything he had. And we must say, the star looked adorable trying to match the legendary role of Ryan Reynolds. 

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The 10-year-old made his broadway debut in The Music Man where he gets hypnotized by Idina Menzel. His character was Winthrop Paroo who acted alongside Hugh Jackman and Sutton Foster. The Westfield native got a lot of recognition right from the infancy of his career. Hence, co-stars and experts predict he surely has a long way to go. 

Have you seen Benjamin Pajak and Hugh Jackman’s Broadway movie, The Music Man? If yes, how did you like it? Do let us know in the comments below. 

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