“Just fell to my knees” – Fans React as Dua Lipa Levitates Towards Jack Harlow After Getting Over Trevor Noah

“Just fell to my knees” – Fans React as Dua Lipa Levitates Towards Jack Harlow After Getting Over Trevor Noah

Is Dua Lipa levitating toward Jack Harlow? The singer-cum-model found success in a relatively short period with her musical career. As she rose to fame, the entertainer was linked to several celebrities. She was also spotted getting cozy at a dinner with Comedy Central’s Trevor Noah. Fans quickly got excited to see them together, although Lipa kept maintaining that she was still single.

Lipa was dating Gigi Hadid’s brother, Anwar Hadid, before that. She was spotted with Noah weeks ago, but both of them evaded any questions about their relationship status. He even appeared on her podcast At Your Service once. But there are reports of her getting cozy with rapper Jack Harlow.

Are Jake Harlow and Dua Lipa a thing now?

Jack Harlow managed to reach Dua Lipa through a song. In fact, he named his song Dua Lipa, which is part of his album Come Home the Kids Miss You. As per a source, the rapper even got Lipa’s blessing for the song by having a FaceTime chat with her. The initial interaction was somewhat awkward, but Lipa made sure to smile. But things took a turn when they met in real life.

They met for the first time during Hitmakers Brunch in Los Angeles and they both seem to have warmed up to each other since then. In fact, as per reports, they have been in constant communication ever since. As the news came out, fans could not help but go gaga over the news.

Some fans have been excited about the idea of the two dating and even credited Harlow for manifesting Lipa through his song. On the other hand, not everyone is happy about it. Lipa’s fans feel she is too good for him while Harlow’s fans feel the opposite.

The two have not exactly made any official comments yet, as they are still at the primary stage of getting to know each other. As of now, Lipa is busy with her career and recently posed for Puma’s campaign as well.

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