Julia Garner Joins A$AP Rocky and Elliot Page for an Exciting Project as Brand Ambassador for Gucci’s Guilty Fragrance

Julia Garner Joins A$AP Rocky and Elliot Page for an Exciting Project as Brand Ambassador for Gucci’s Guilty Fragrance

Actors have a year, and Julia Garner is having a decade. After having risen to enormous stardom following Ozark‘s massive Success, Garner is now swarmed with offers and deals from all over. Although unfortunately, her highly-anticipated deal with the pop Icon, Madonna was scrapped recently, the New York talent got brand new projects to rock. And not alone, but with two other significant stars, A$AP Rocky and Elliot Page. 

It is no secret that established companies and industries in the world promote celebrity endorsements. And when you are a three-time Primetime Emmy Winner along with having bashed your first Golden Globe, getting sprawled by endorsement deals is only natural. Hence, teaming up with A$AP Rocky A.K.A Lord Flacko, and the once supposed Henry Cavill replacement for Superman, Elliot Page, Julia Garner is all set to lead the way for Gucci’s latest cult favorite. 

As reported exclusively by WWD, the Italian luxury fashion house is currently gearing to get top-tier celebrities as its front face for brand representation on a global scale. Owing to the same, the three megastars have now agreed to appear on the front page of the Gucci Guilty Fragrances’ advertising campaign. 

Although it is still under wraps, reports suggest the stars will appear to pay homage to “friendship, self-acceptance, and love in all its forms through a story of tenderness, imagination, and curiosity.” While this would be the first official brand endorsement for all three stars, history suggests none of them are new to the fashion house. 

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How are Julia Garner, A$AP Rocky, and Elliot Page associated with Gucci? 

For the record, A$AP Rocky had been featured in various Gucci advertisements in the past. For instance his Life of a Rock Star Campaign. And thanks to his drop-dead gorgeous beautiful wife, the Pop Icon Rihanna who has a well-known obsession with the Gucci brand.

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It is also to note that the American rapper and the Ozark star will also be attending the brand’s forthcoming Milan Fashion Week previewing its fall 2023 collection. Garner for her part had recently promoted the brand by wearing an alluring custom power-pink Gucci gown while receiving her first-ever Golden Globes. Likewise, Page was also seen expressing his obsession with the brand quite a few times in the past. 

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