Joseph Quinn Gushes With Happiness, as He Talks About Joe Keery and His Monologue About “banging his head”

Joseph Quinn Gushes With Happiness, as He Talks About Joe Keery and His Monologue About “banging his head”

So many brilliantly composed moments have created this amazing thriller we all love. Stranger Things is one such show that’s got an immense amount of love worldwide. And Joseph Quinn, along with others, has won our hearts. The show’s latest installment, season 4 volume 2, is brilliantly composed of so many little but significant moments, and Joseph talks about his favorite ones.

Joseph Quinn remembers his favorite moments from volume 2!

Because Eddie Munson was one of the characters whose growth has caught the attention of so many fans, he’s become our favorite. Therefore, when he died at the end of season 4 of Stranger Things, fans were devastated and angry with the creators. Joseph shares how he got the news of the death of his character. He says he just got a text asking if he could play the guitar, and he said yes. And then he got the scripts in his inbox.

Joseph felt the sequence of his death would have been ridiculous in any other circumstance. However, in episode 8, he felt it was earned and fun. It feels like the perfect crescendo for this crazy story. Joseph further adds that Eddie died bravely.

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This is when Will Marfuggi asked him about Joseph’s favorite moments of the show. Quinn gushes over Joe Keery’s monologue with happiness. He says there are so many brilliant moments that he loves. But the one about Joe is his favorite. He talks about Joe’s monologue with Nancy, where Joe talks about hitting his head as an infant. Quinn found the scene funny like many other Keery scenes on the show.

Joseph also loves Millie’s lines, where she says, “I piggybacked from a pizza dough freezer.” But what took the cake was the epic shotgun scene featuring Nancy. This was a scene where Vecna too went all natural with his acting.

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Well, these were Joseph’s favorite moments from the show. What about your favorite moments? Which is your favorite Joseph Quinn moment and why? Share with us in the comment box below.

Meanwhile, stream all seasons of Stranger Things on Netflix.

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