Joe Keery and Maya Hawke Break Down Their Vecna Hunting Scene With Natalia Dyer

Joe Keery and Maya Hawke Break Down Their Vecna Hunting Scene With Natalia Dyer

The final showdown scene on Stranger Things season 4 will go down as one of its best scenes. While Eleven got her mojo back and was fighting with Vecna on the Upside Down, the Hawkins gang had planned a sneak attack on the demon king. Armed with some gears and mocktails they headed to the Creel house in the Upside Down where Nancy took the last shot at Vecna. Joe Keery and Maya Hawke diss out some trivia on the show’s finale. 

Maya Hawke and Joe Keery can’t stop fangirling over Natalie Dyer 

Natalie’s Nancy fires the last shot at Vecna that would eventually eject him out of the window before disappearing. The scene was intense and Natalie looked awesome pulling the trigger. Maya exclaimed that she “crushed” it and Joe compared her to Sigourney Weaver.

He said, “She got some major Sigourney Weaver from Alien.” Apparently, they swapped cocktails bottles in that scene. The first cut was lighting up the rag in the cocktail, and then in the second shot, the rag was gone. 

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Joe broke the camera with his “ax work”

As they climb up the stairs to reach Vecna’s lair, the vines attack the trio, Nancy, Robin, and Steve. It first attacks Robin and Steve, actor Joe had to use the ax to cut off the vines. While doing the stunts with his ax, he swung it so hard once that it flew directly into the camera breaking it. The shot was great, but the Duffers mourned their camera.  He further added that he was worried he would hurt Robin actor Maya with the ax.

They also took some time especially Maya to figure out the earthquake scene in Stranger Things because she confessed that they never experienced an earthquake in her life. So she would do “overly shakes” and then proceeded to shake her legs aggressively. The duo also revealed that they all wore harnesses underneath and were left hanging on the walls for hours!

Did you enjoy the final fight as much as we did? Let us know in the comments below!

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