“Jibaro is like a brutal disaster”: Director Alberto Mielgo Explains The Toxic Relationship Featured In Jibaro (‘Love, Death + Robots’ 3)

“Jibaro is like a brutal disaster”: Director Alberto Mielgo Explains The Toxic Relationship Featured In Jibaro (‘Love, Death + Robots’ 3)

Anthologies like Love, Death + Robots bring out colossal tragedies when we add a hint of love to it. And the Jibaro episode is the perfect interpretation of an unnatural attraction between a screaming siren and a deaf soldier. The episode depicts a renaissance story of revenge and gluttony, which leads to pure barbarism. After giving viewers an iconic thing to remember, Director Alberto Mielgo has shared his experience of episode creation. As this realistic episode filled people with horror and admiration for the storyline narrated through superb animation. 

‘Jibaro’ tells an extraordinary escapade of desolation in Love, Death + Robots

This masterpiece has brought a unique love story, where there is only desperation and greed. Jibaro is the mystical folklore of a siren who bewitches men with her songs and kills them by drowning. For instance, she kills the whole group of comrades, who came to venture into the deep forest. However, one deaf soldier remains unaffected by her screams. And she is fascinated to see how the soldier is immune to her temptations.

Moreover, the soldier becomes excessively greedy seeing the golden body of the siren. So he chases her to take all the ornaments from the siren’s body and subsequently she falls into the trap. Him hitting her and brutally snatching all the jewelry from her body is the most daunting scene of the episode. The scene connects viewers to a greedy man, who takes risk of being harmed by an unknown thing just for the gold. On the other hand, the powerful siren falls for him as she could not victimize him with her deadly scream. The episode is a perfect interpretation of toxic modern love, based on material advances.

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The story is full of red flags says Director  Alberto Mielgo

Alberto Mielgo revealed in Netflix’s Geeked Week event that the episode was created with real locations and artists as he talked about the love story. He said that the character’s obsession with power and materialism takes them to violent and cruel ends. For instance, the siren falling under the soldier’s impression loses her graceful ornaments whereas the soldier becomes pray of her deathly screams. Therefore, his greediness cured him of his deafness, which eventually led to his merciless death. 

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He stated that for creating adult content they need to follow the extreme plots that only end with a tragedy like the siren and knight did. He connects himself with the story that how the characters go through extremely dangerous things. Therefore, the story is an interpretation of doomed love that only brings disaster in the end. 

What is your interpretation of the Love, Death + Robots episode?

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