Jenna Ortega Already Cherry Picking Cast for ‘Scream 7’, and She Wants Jennifer Coolidge in It

Jenna Ortega Already Cherry Picking Cast for ‘Scream 7’, and She Wants Jennifer Coolidge in It

Jenna Ortega recently reprised her role of Tara Carpenter in the Slasher franchise for Scream VI. Starring alongside actors like Courteney Cox, Melissa Barrera, Hayden Panettiere, Mason Gooding, and Jasmin Savoy Brown, she is taking fans to New York City this time. Lately, the young actress has remained quite busy promoting her film as the horror saga finally hit the theatres on March 10. Meanwhile, she does have bigger plans for the future of the franchise and wants some legendary faces to appear in it.

The star cast of Scream VI recently sat down with MTV UK to share some survival tips and talk about who they would love to see in the next film. When Jenna Ortega was asked about her dream cast, she instantly took Jennifer Coolidge’s name.

Barrera added another iconic name to the list, saying Brendan Fraser and the Mascots star would be the perfect duo. Well, all the fans might totally agree with the American actress here since we have seen how talented Coolidge is.

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In the past decades, The White Lotus star has established her name in the entertainment industry as an incredible comedian. So we can say that her presence in the movie will make it even better.

Scream VI starring Jenna Ortega is hitting the bars high

According to Deadline, Scream VI will be setting a remarkable record for the opening week. As the film is set to garner about $42 Million this week, that might break the debut record of Scream 3. Moreover, IGN has given a highly favorable review for the film stating that it’s even better than the last one.

“Some of the set pieces in this chapter will take your breath away, whether it’s the immaculate representation of an unbearably claustrophobic subway car,” said the IGN reviewer.

Moreover, The Guardian is also impressed by the interpretation of new horrors in the most enchanting city in the world. They find the movie the goofiest and genuinely surprising that will make viewers scream. The very reason this whole franchise is known for.

“It’s the goriest movie of the series so far but without veering into grimness, again that tonal balance perfectly modulated,” said the website review. Meanwhile, the reviewer website Rotten Tomatoes has given this horror drama 76% on Tomatometer while the audience score is 94% which clearly makes it a winner.

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