Fans Left Divided as Jenna Ortega Is Set to Make Her MCU Return After a Decade Following ‘Wednesday’s Success

Fans Left Divided as Jenna Ortega Is Set to Make Her MCU Return After a Decade Following ‘Wednesday’s Success

Jenna Ortega is set to return to MCU, but not everyone is very thrilled about it. The actress’ success with Netflix’s Wednesday quickly grabbed the attention of not just fans, but also fellow showmakers. So, just like many hit makers on the OTT platform, the success has helped her gain even larger projects.

As per PopHive, Marvel has confirmed her joining the comic world for an upcoming project. She is set to become a part of the 2024 show Daredevil: Born Again, which will land on the DisneyPlus channel. Charlie Cox will probably reprise his role as Daredevil in the series as well.

As for Ortega, there had been long speculations about what role the actress will be playing in MCU. For now, the highest probability is of her portraying the role of White Tiger in the series. The protagonist is shown to be a superhero who is a martial arts expert.

The character has so far been in comic books since her first appearance in 1977. Considering Ortega’s sharp, action-filled, dark role in Wednesday, this role could feel a bit familiar to the actress.

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While most fans are excited to see her being in MCU, not everyone is thrilled. Explaining their reasons, here is what the supporters and the nay-sayers have to say.

Why fans are not convinced about the casting of Jenna Ortega in the MCU project

MCU has been going through constant changes, from exploring its own world of characters to adding on new and younger actors. But while some fans adapt to it, others have some brutal thoughts about it. One fan commented how they do not want to see this happen, while another one stated that she bagged the role after just one ‘overrated’ series. A commentator feels that the show will be a flop anyway, considering She Hulk’s performance and viewership.

But the fact is that Ortega was already a part of the Marvel World. At ten years old, she was cast as the President’s daughter in Iron Man 3, although it may have gone unnoticed by many back then. At the same time, her loyal fan following could add to the viewership of the upcoming series as well.

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What do you think of Jenna Ortega being a part of the MCU? Put your thoughts in the comments.


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