James Gunn to Introduce Superman’s Son; Is There a Chance for Henry Cavill to Comeback as Superman?

James Gunn to Introduce Superman’s Son; Is There a Chance for Henry Cavill to Comeback as Superman?

DC dealt a major blow to the fans last year by announcing that their favorite Superman, Henry Cavill, was leaving the DC universe. The Brit did not fit into the future lineup. Despite major outrage, new heads Peter Safran and James Gunn continued with their plans. One of the major controversies was retaining Ezra Miller despite the major backlash both the studio and the actor faced. 

For a long time, there were rumors of Gunn working on a new Superman flick. Amongst many other projects, Gunn has confirmed that Superman: Legacy is happening. But more importantly, it is alleged that he might introduce Superman’s son in it. Does that mean that there are still hopes of seeing Cavill don the suit again? 

Henry Cavill may appear in Superman: Legacy as Jon Kent’s father 

James Gunn has already refuted the rumors that the new Superman flick is an origin story. Hence, various fans have theorized that the upcoming Superman: Legacy may introduce Clark Kent’s son Jon Kent to the world, reports Fandom Wire. This rumor gained ground mainly because of the title itself. And this gives a perfect opportunity for Henry Cavill to show up as a mature Superman guiding his son

Additionally, Gunn also introduced The Brave and the Bold in the DC line-up. The movie will apparently revolve around Bruce Wayne and his kid Damien Wayne. Comics fans are already aware that Damian and Jon are quite close. So it is not much of a stretch to think Superman: Legacy can also be a father-son story. 

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DC kicked out Cavill 

Although Cavill’s return would delight fans, the way things ended can be a little difficult. The 39-year-old was dropped because Gunn and Safran were working on eliminating every element of SnyderVerse. In fact, the decision was already taken in 2018. 

The headless cameos and no solo movies were all in preparation for the actor’s exit. The Black Adam cameo renewed fans’ hopes. But as it later turned out, it was Dwayne Johnson pulling the strings behind, making it happen. DC has not yet cast the new Superman. Although Gunn has expressed that he wants someone younger, fans can always tip the scale. 

The viewers would love to see The Tudors star wear the cape again and bond with his junior. What are your expectations from Superman: Legacy? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 

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