“I’ve kind of been able to…”- Sydney Sweeney Reveals a Prime Difference Between Her Role in ‘Reality’ Compared to Other Projects

“I’ve kind of been able to…”- Sydney Sweeney Reveals a Prime Difference Between Her Role in ‘Reality’ Compared to Other Projects

Until a few days ago, the world was aware that Sydney Sweeney is extremely busy with numerous projects. But on February 18, finally, one of her most ambitious films made its world premiere at the Berlin Film Festival. The film that everyone was waiting for starred the Euphoria actress as the lead. It is titled Reality and is directed by renowned theater director Tina Satter.

The film is based on the play Is This a Room? that Satter wrote along with James Paul Davis. It concentrates on the story of a former American enlisted US Air Force member and NSA translator, Reality Winner. Sweeney played the role of Reality, and this might be one of the most challenging roles of her career.

The director of the film Statter has been an active Broadway director and playwright, and this film was her directorial debut. She wisely chose her sensational Broadway play to make her film directional debut, along with the apt casting that includes Josh Hamilton and Marchant Davis, along with Sweeney.

While this was a challenging role for the Everything Sucks! actress, she moved on from doing her signature lost-in-herself high school role and tried to fit into the skin of a more mature character. But what does she think of this challenging role?

How does Sydney Sweeney differentiate her role in ‘Reality’ from the others?

Sweeney, who previously received two Emmy Nominations for her performances in Euphoria and The White Lotus, found that portraying Winner was a contrast from her previous roles. As per Variety, she revealed, “Previously I’ve kind of been able to create and build all my other characters from the page, but for Reality, she was already living and breathing with thoughts and memories before the page was even written.”

The Spokane native has done many challenging roles in the past, but portraying a real-life character was a huge challenge for her. Given that this is a docudrama where she had to portray Reality Winner, who has previously been in a lot of interviews, the major challenge for the 25-year-old was to copy her mannerisms and way of speaking.


When Sydney finally cleared the audition to play the NSA whistleblower, as surprising as it was for her, she was also confident. She knew at that moment that she would have to work harder than before because, in her words, Winner was “already living.” The good news is that she spoke about her preparation for this role in an interview in Berlin.

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What did Sweeney do to appear as real as Reality Winner?

The Sharp Objects actress mentioned that she had the honor and privilege of actually being able to talk to Reality Winner. She said that she had a Zoom call with the NSA whistleblower, which her director Satter made them connect on. Sweeney also mentioned that the two of them would often text each other while she was preparing for the role.

The small-town girl was so excited to play this role that she watched almost every interview of Winner that is out there, even before she got the role. The 25-year-old wanted to get everything just right, including the way Winner walks, talks, and speaks. Sweeney admitted that this was a big deal for her, as she felt lucky to interact with the person she was going to portray.

The director of the film used the actual transcript from the interrogation and was sure in her head that this was going to be a mind-blowing thriller. The cast and crew of the film received massive appreciation for the film. Although the commercial release date of the film has not been out yet, it will be really exciting to watch this docuseries once it is out.

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What do you think of Sydney Sweeney as Reality Winner? Are you excited about watching this film? Tell us in the comments.

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