“I would just start mimicking”- Sydney Sweeney Reveals the Lengths She Went to Ensure ‘Reality’ Was as Close to Real-Life as Possible

“I would just start mimicking”- Sydney Sweeney Reveals the Lengths She Went to Ensure ‘Reality’ Was as Close to Real-Life as Possible

Fans were recently left shocked when they got a sneak peek of Sydney Sweeney from the sets of Reality. The Euphoria star almost looked unrecognizable in the photo she shared on her social media handle. It is amazing to see how this American actress has been branching out and playing dynamic roles. The movie is getting a world premiere at the Berlin Film Festival later this month. While discussing the facts of this docu-fiction, the 25-year-old gave fans an insight into the immense dedication and effort she put into this character.

The Emmy winner opened up about what measures she took to embody the character of Reality Winner. In her promotional interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Sweeney revealed that she met the real person on whom this adaptation is based. The Washington native had many Zoom interviews with the former Air Force linguist to learn her mannerism.

Moreover, she remained connected with Winner talking about her life experiences, family, and home. “I’d have her speak for hours, and I would just start mimicking what she would say,” the actress was quoted as saying.

Overall, this research time was both preaching and amazing for the actress. Moreover, she always had the back of the Winner family on the set. From wardrobe to the art department, they looked over everything to make things look as authentic as possible.

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What do we know about Reality starring Sydney Sweeney?

Starring Sydney Sweeney, Reality will take the viewers back to 2017, when the house of a former American intelligence specialist was raided by the FBI. Since Winner got charged for leaking evidence of Russian interference to the online whistle-blower site, she was sentenced to five years and three months behind the bars.

Also, this movie partially depicts the acclaimed drama Is This A Room written by the director herself. Actors who have joined alongside Sweeney include Josh Hamilton and Marchánt Davis. The trailer for the film is yet to be released. But if you are ready to put your faith in this talented actor, you won’t get away disheartened.

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