“Its way more than nudity”: Sydney Sweeney on How She Channelled her defiance and Boldness Through Euphoria

“Its way more than nudity”: Sydney Sweeney on How She Channelled her defiance and Boldness Through Euphoria

After shows like Euphoria and The White Lotus hit the charts off the park, rising stars like Sydney Sweeney have become one of the most sought-after actresses in the industry. Starting from starring in budget TV shows and commercials to pay off bills to having become the face of streaming networks, the young megastar is at the peak of her career. However, nothing comes easy when you are struggling to make your space in Hollywood. 

Sydney Sweeney is no expectation in the myriad of budding actors. However, she did not have a conventional path before her either. The star rose to fame as the Euphoria actress known for her equally euphoric aura and charm in the series. The star had numerous instances where she had to bare her body and soul to act. The same raised quite a few eyebrows in the TV industry. However, she did not hold back from explaining it to the world, especially to people at the back. 

Sydney Sweeney feels it is more than nudity for her characters in tv shows 

In a 2019 interview with W magazine, Sweeney broke down her characters and revealed her outlook towards the same. She started explaining how she had never done “anything like that before.” However, she admitted to the publication that she loved the show and she absolutely loved everything about it. “And it’s way more than nudity,” shared the actress. The White Lotus star further explained how if it had been her first job, “it would have been completely different.

Nonetheless, as of now, she has developed a completely different and bold perspective toward the characters that she portrays. This was visible as the star did not hesitate to say, “I feel anyone who gives me shit for it, I’m okay, go look at Handmaid’s tale.’” The Emmy Winning actress was of the opinion that her audience did not take her seriously until her defiant role in White Lotus. Although, after having risen to fame, euphoria and her scenes did not help Sydney Sweeney to establish herself as a legitimate actress. 

As per her own words, it all changed after she was cast as the snotty college girl, Olivia in the anthology series of 2021. After having gained critical acclaim for herself, the star now feels empowered in everything that she does.  Be it her naked scenes for rom-com or a typical college girl hanging out with a snotty companion.

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Have you watched Euphoria and The White Lotus yet? Euphoria streams on Hulu for a free trial,  while the current version is available on Disney Plus Hotstar for subscribers. Let us know your thoughts on the same in the comments below. 

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