“I dyed my hair blonde and…” – Sydney Sweeney Opens up About Her High School “embarrassment”

“I dyed my hair blonde and…” – Sydney Sweeney Opens up About Her High School “embarrassment”

In the age of women reclaiming power with roles that mostly prove them as strong, resilient, and standing at the top of the moral scale, Sydney Sweeney gained her stardom through a role that was anything but. While she is mostly recognized for her recent role in Euphoria and The White Lotus, even being nominated for an Emmy, the actress was on television when she was only twelve years old.

Over the years, Sweeney has given her best with dramatic performances in Criminal Minds, Sharp Objects, and The Handmaid’s Tale. Still, none even touched the surface of her performance as Cassie in Euphoria. With how brilliantly she broke at the nooks and stood strong at the crannies, it is safe to say that Sweeney was born to play this role. However, the actress herself has a much different memory of reality when she herself was attending high school.

Sydney Sweeney talks about her insecurities in high school

The HBO max series Euphoria created multiverses of madness all within a high school. Euphoria took high school drama to a whole new level with its dynamic characters, extravagant costumes, makeup, and of course, the dramatic yet emotional storyline. And just like most of us, Syndey Sweeney’s high school experience was not bejeweled and glamorous. In an interview with GQ magazine, the actress opened up about how insecure she was during her high school days.

Alongside her acne, the actress also matured too fast, “I had boobs before the other girls and I felt ostracised for it,” Sweeney said. And much like how she plays her cliche characters into being sensational and unpredictable Sweeney tried to change people’s perception of her in high school.

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I dyed my hair blonde and started dressing up for photoshoots, and people thought that is who I am. I worked really hard to change that perception of myself, especially in high school,” Sweeney said.

However, instead of a 4 am extreme morning routine with a gazillion steps, the actress used to participate in sports and excel in her studies so that people wouldn’t have a certain image of her just because of how she looked. In a way, Sweeney got to reclaim and reinvent herself, the way she couldn’t back then, by playing a high school student in the hit series Euphoria.

How close would you rate your high school experience to that of Euphoria? Let us know in the comments below.

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