“It’s the first time I think I cracked him” – Millie Bobby Brown Reveals the Scene Where She Made Henry Cavill Laugh in ‘Enola Holmes 2’

“It’s the first time I think I cracked him” – Millie Bobby Brown Reveals the Scene Where She Made Henry Cavill Laugh in ‘Enola Holmes 2’

Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill recently reprised their roles as detective siblings in Enola Holmes 2. In the sequel, the young Enola Holmes opened her detective agency, which leads to an adventurous journey. The titular character emerges victorious after solving her first official case as a detective in London. Following the release of the film, fans also got to enjoy some behind-the-scene moments where actors were seen enjoying their shooting time.

In many videos, you might have seen Brown poking fun at his on-screen brother Henry Cavill. This amazing real-life chemistry has made this mystery drama even much more fun as we spotted in their silly interviews. Adding sparks to the filming blunders and the time they spent together, Brown recently revealed the scene where she made Henry Cavill laugh in Enola Holmes 2

Millie Bobby Brown talks about making Henry Cavill laugh on the set

Millie Bobby Brown recently sat down with Still Watching Netflix to watch the bloopers of her film Enola Holmes 2. She also talked about the stories from the set and one of those scenes included when she made Henry Cavill laugh.

In the video, she explained the scene where she points at her co-star and he speaks the dialogue. The 18-year-old star stated that it was a funny scene as she wasn’t speaking in the scene, only miming them. Stranger Things star felt stupid at the time because Henry was seriously doing it while she was failing at it.

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“I didn’t do it as well and it made Henry laugh. It was the first time I think I cracked him,” explained the Modern Family star. We can see in the video that the British actor couldn’t contain himself and laughed at what Millie was doing.

This incredible duo has shared several moments while filming the sequel and every bit made fans fall in love with them. Do you remember when Millie compared her puppies to Cavill’s trained huge dog, Kal? The actress said that her pets are high maintenance and temperamental while Kal is very chill.

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