“It’s pretty f*cking stupid”: Twitter User Slams Elon Musk’s Business Plan for Twitter, Calls It “Reverse Netflix” Model

“It’s pretty f*cking stupid”: Twitter User Slams Elon Musk’s Business Plan for Twitter, Calls It “Reverse Netflix” Model

Over the last few weeks, there have been two topics that have been at the center of each and every conversation: Netflix and Elon Musk. While the former has been in talks for losing a lot of money and subscribers, the latter is celebrating as he acquired Twitter for himself. Even though there is practically nothing that the duo shares with each other, there is one thing that both are trying to do, i.e., change the business plan for each of the platforms.

While the talks of Netflix switching to an ad-based model and Twitter moving to a subscriber-based model have been around for a few days now, things are actually taking shape finally. And amidst all this, a Twitter user saw how both the companies are moving in entirely different directions. Here is what the fan had to say about it, and what exactly both Netflix and Elon Musk are doing right now.

The “Reverse Netflix” model of Elon Musk for Twitter

Recently, Corey Richardson took to Twitter to express his views on how Elon Musk changing the business model for Twitter is not really a good idea. For the longest time, the major source of revenue for Twitter has been through ads. However, Musk plans to change that entirely. The Tesla founder wants ad revenues to only generate about 45% of the income for Twitter.

Musk also plans to increase the benefits for paid users of Twitter. He suggested that the company should provide authentication checkmarks to all Twitter Blue users. And also no ads are to be shown to paid users of the app. Richardson called this model “reverse Netflix”, given that the streaming giant is soon going to unveil an ad-based subscription plan for users.

While Netflix has faced a lot of slack from its users over the introduction of ads on the platform, Twitter users have said little about Musk’s new model. Tell us what are your thoughts on both these business models? Would you like to see an ad-free Twitter and an ad-run Netflix?

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