“It’s like someone having a werewolf” – ‘scary’ Robots Make Joe Rogan & Aaron Rodgers Remember An Episode of ‘Black Mirror’

“It’s like someone having a werewolf” – ‘scary’ Robots Make Joe Rogan & Aaron Rodgers Remember An Episode of ‘Black Mirror’

The Black Mirror series is back in news again after being confirmed for a comeback with a sixth installment. It’s been two years since Netflix released Black Mirror Season 5, and now, the sci-fi dystopian anthology series is returning home after a long walk of silence through the entire pandemic era.

Fans around the globe are all excited to welcome the show back. Liked by common streamers to celebrities all over the world, this series has a whole different fanbase that encompasses the greatest of personalities. Speaking of which, recently in a podcast with Spotify, NFL legend Aaron Rodgers along with Joe Rogan voiced his opinions on the show. Here we’ll tell you what it was all about.

NFL star Aaron Rodgers speaks about one of the most terrifying episodes of Black Mirror

After having an intellectual discussion about social media and how it has affected their lives personally, they had a good laugh about how this technology-sprawled world will be dominated by Robots very soon. Aaron talks about one of his friends “who had this robot stuff. It’s like someone having a werewolf in the house.” Now, this is where the implicit idea of such a relatable show comes in.

He later becomes a bit dismissive and uncomfortable to accept the robotic invasion of Earth. He refers to the show, Black Mirror, and goes “a series of guys who do these amazing CGI things.” Hence, he humorously supports his opinion of it all being fake.

The black mirror magic continues for a little longer as the player discusses the ghastly episode Metalhead of the series. In fact, this particular episode was not only scary for the millennial legend but also for anyone who’d see it for the first time. Lunatic robot dogs running after a lone woman in a post-apocalyptic world is something that’d surely send chills down anyone’s spine.

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This show is surely one of the best spine-chilling anthologies on Netflix

Along with this, all other episodes of Black Mirror dwell on such possibilities of extreme what-ifs. The monochromatic, spectacular scenes of the car race, and the anxiety that the entirety of the story gives you are just magnificent. All of its episodes feel no less than horror movies from a Stephen King novel. With that, we let you on your own about the show.

Seen the show on Netflix yet? If not, stream it right now. Just a heads-up, watch at your own risk.

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