5 best episodes of Black Mirror to rewatch right now

5 best episodes of Black Mirror to rewatch right now

We’re all waiting for a season 6 for Black Mirror. However, it does not seem like we’re going to get it soon. So, here are the five best episodes of Black Mirror to rewatch while waiting for new installments.

Black Mirror is an anthology series, meaning that episodes are not connected to each other storywise. So, fans can enjoy each episode without having to watch the previous or next installments. This makes up a perfect opportunity for Black Mirror fans because the new episodes do not seem on their way. Still, you can enjoy some former episodes while waiting for Black Mirror season 6. Here are the five best episodes of this dark anthology, according to IMDb ratings.

Five Best Episodes of Black Mirror

5 – The Entire History of You (S1E3) (8,6)

This episode is from the first season of Black Mirror. It tells of an alternate reality in which there’s an implant that records everything that you see. The whole life goes virtual with that thing as you can control the implant just like a computer. Just like in every episode of Black Mirror, events take a dark turn as a result of this technology. Check out the episode’s fan-made trailer below.

4 – San Junipero (S3E4) (8,6)

This episode is the third installment of season 4. It tells of two young ladies who fall in love in a nightclub. While one of them is an introverted girl, the other one is quite the party girl. However, the world they’re living in turns out not to be an actual reality. Below is a tribute video to this specific episode of Black Mirror.

3 – Black Museum (S4E6) (8,7)

Black Museum is a pretty dark episode as you can understand from its title. With a lot of nudity and dark, violent sexual fantasies, the episode sparks some interest among the fans. It tells of a woman who enters the Black Museum where the proprietor tells his stories with the artifacts in the museum. Masochistic lust, combined with the emotion emulating technology, drives the humans crazy in this episode. Check out its trailer below.

2 – Hang the DJ (S4E4) (8,8)

This one is a personal favorite for me. People try to find their love with the help of artificial intelligence that puts an expiration date on the relationships that it creates. Soon after, a happy couple starts to question the logic of the system. Those two lover rebels are up to something.

1 – White Christmas (S2E4) (9,1)

White Christmas is the highest-rated Black Mirror episode in IMDb. This one is about an implant, too, just like in The Entire History of You. This implant is more advanced, though. You can block people in real life, control their minds, mess with their sense of time. All those combined make up a beautifully written, depressing, and deep episode of Black Mirror. You can probably tell why it’s rated the highest after watching it on Netflix.

So yeah, those were the five best episodes of Black Mirror according to IMDb. You can also have a look at our list of series and movies like Black Mirror if some re-watches are not enough for you.

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