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“It’s a vicious cycle” – When a 12-Year-Old Millie Bobby Brown Opened Up About the Horrors of the Show Business

You definitely know the telekinetic girl Eleven from Stranger Things and the talented young actress behind that face. Millie Bobby Brown conquered the hearts and screens with her talent the moment she entered the scene as a girl hiding from mysterious people she addressed as “bad people” with her limited vocabulary. The 12-year-old girl quickly established herself as a formidable figure in Hollywood and became a fan favorite. Her engaging performance captivated viewers so much that today they follow every breath and step of this actress. However, all the fame and limelight were not as easy as it seems to be from the outside, as she once opened up about the horrors of show business and how she handled everything.

Millie Bobby Brown recounted the hodgepodge experience of Stranger Things season 1

In 2017, Millie Bobby Brown sat down with SAG-AFTRA Foundation to talk about the show that got her global recognition. During the conversation, the host asked the 12-year-old star how her first experience on the set of Stranger Things was because it must have been challenging when they worked on something new.

In her answer, Brown stated that season 1 was certainly a jumbled time, and people used to run around. The actress didn’t feel like she was working on a show as she was juggling between school and acting. At one moment she was taking classes and at the other she was crying on the scene and then again jumping back to school.

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“It’s a cycle, it’s a vicious cycle for sure but it’s a cycle and you just have to kind of get used to it,” explained the Enola Holmes star.

Millie revealed that she never prepared for the scenes because that is the best way to keep things natural and convincing. She was home-schooled at the time, so she used to take classes in her vanity.

The Stranger Things star understood the cycle of acting at a young age and knew how she has to balance things. She is a firm believer that being an artist means finding your own rhythm. Thus, Millie Bobby Brown discovered her style that instant is the best way for her to make it work.

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