‘House of the Dragon’ Aegon Targaryen Has a Striking Resemblance to a Fan-Favourite ‘Stranger Things’ Character, and Fans Are Going Gaga Over It

‘House of the Dragon’ Aegon Targaryen Has a Striking Resemblance to a Fan-Favourite ‘Stranger Things’ Character, and Fans Are Going Gaga Over It

Netflix boasts with full pride some of its top blockbuster hits of the year, for instance, the sci-fi thriller series, Stranger Things. Fans have imprinted the show so thoroughly in their conscious brains that sometimes, even other show characters appear identical to its cast. It seems as if the HBO hit, House of the Dragon cast members have stirred excitement among fantasy fans in this aspect.

You would be surprised to know that recently, fans of both shows have discovered some amazing similarities between the leading character, Aegon Targaryen, and a Stranger Things fan favorite. While one of them took to Twitter to express his views, others supported him with one cry.

Fans gush about the uncanny resemblance between a House of the Dragon character and a Stranger Things cast

Twitter has been flooded with fans talking about two of the most important characters of the shows who share a striking resemblance. The entire ballyhoo is around Finn Wolfhard’s Mike Wheeler from Stranger Things and Tom Glynn-Carney, the Dunkirk star who plays Aegon II Targaryen in House of the Dragon. According to some snaps released on social media, Finn looked uncannily similar to Aegon but just with a wig.

When The House of Dragon’s first episode was first aired on 22nd August 2022, fans even mistook Glynn for Mike until it was confirmed otherwise by the officials. The chisel-cut face, the long and the overall physique are some of the attributes that they follow. The thread on Twitter states, “Is it me, or does Finn Wolfhard look like Aegon.”

Some even wrote that “Aegon Targaryen looks like Finn Wolfhard but with a rattly blonde stripper vig.”


Finn plays Mike Wheeler in the American sci-fi thriller series against Millie Bobby Brown, who plays a key role in helping her with all the strength she needs to fight Vecna. Meanwhile, Prince Aegon is the first surviving son and heir of Jaehaerysof the historical fantasy series, House of the Dragon. His character, also known as Dragonknight, claims to be the rightful owner of the Iron Throne after his father.

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Fans did not get tired of finding the similarities of both the actors, but are you? Could you notice some resemblance between them? Do share with us in the comments below.

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