“It was the most amazing vibe”: When Julia Garner Revealed How She Felt While Shooting for a Serious Film

“It was the most amazing vibe”: When Julia Garner Revealed How She Felt While Shooting for a Serious Film

Julia Garner and her career are everything about darker crimes, bloodshed, mystery, horror, and even cannibalism. The star has played the main character in such unconventional movies and TV series, her best being Ozark. Many of them have received critical acclaim while others have fetched her numerous Primetime Emmys. While every work of hers paved way for great experiences for the actress, working on one of her earlier films was a rollercoaster ride experience.

Garner’s experience in this movie was unlike any other and contrasted with the tone of the film. The movie is drenched in gore and bloodshed, and Julia surprisingly had some insane reactions to the same.

Julia Garner enjoyed shooting for this serious movie

Before her time on Ozark, Julia Garner starred in the 2013 movie, We Are What We Are, an American remake of 2010 Mexican movie that involves ritualistic tradition and a dark family secret. In the movie, she played one of the two daughters.

Soon after the film was released, Garner was interviewed by Collider to get more insights about the film. One of the questions the actress faced was about her experience shooting for the Jim Mickle directorial. Answering which, Julia replied, “It was the most amazing vibe. Honestly, it was such a great shoot.

Garner went on to describe what it was like to be around the entire cast and crew. The team was staying at a Hotel called Catskills where they all had bonfires every night. Accompanying the warm flames, they all had much fun playing basketball and softball every Sunday. Later, she came to the crux where she admitted that the shots were a bit too difficult because of the intense writing and screenplay. It was then when some “heavy stuff got in” that the actress laughed off. Julia also cherishes the fact that she is still so close with every one of the team.

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Somewhere between zombies and vampires, live the cannibals and this movie captures the genre splendidly. As per reviews and records, this is a great, dreary, and grisly film that perfectly knows how to have a sufficient amount of gore. It is a slow build with plenty of plot lines but is also just as intriguing.

So what are you waiting for? Stream this horrific masterpiece right now on Hulu with a free trial or rent it from Amazon Prime video. Trust us, it is worth the bucks.

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