“It was nerve wrecking” – Adam Pally Reveals a Hilarious Incident While He Filming Parachute Scene With Arnold Schwarzenegger

“It was nerve wrecking” – Adam Pally Reveals a Hilarious Incident While He Filming Parachute Scene With Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the most popular names in both Hollywood and the world of bodybuilding. Back in the ’80s, the name of all top action films was taken parallel to Schwarzenegger. The Austrian oak gave some of the most memorable action films to the audience throughout his career. Even after all these years, Schwarzenegger is still turning heads with his acting. And recently, Adam Pally opened up about his experience of filming alongside the actor.

Working with a huge star like Arnold is undoubtedly a challenging task. Even though it is a dream come true for many actors, one has to keep up with Schwarzenegger. Previously, Happy Endings alum Adam Pally worked alongside the Terminator star for an upcoming action spy series on Netflix. And during his recent appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Pally revealed a hilarious incident he had with Schwarzenegger while filming.

Adam Pally on being strapped to a parachute alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger

It seems like Adam Pally had quite a time while filming Netflix’s upcoming action spy series alongside the Terminator star. Recently, the Sonic the Hedgehog 2 star featured on the Late Night show with Seth Meyers. During his appearance, Pally reminisced about one of the scenes where he was strapped to a tandem parachute alongside Schwarzenegger.

Describing his experience, Pally told Meyers, “It was nerve-recking you know.” So, as experienced as Schwarzenegger is, he sensed Pally’s nervousness, so he asked the actor if it was his first time.

Soon as Pally replied with a yes, Schwarzenegger turned around and started yelling in Austrian to his teammates. Furthermore, the actor did a hilarious imitation of the Schwarzenegger’s Austrian accent. Shortly after, all the members of Arnold’s team mates started laughing at Pally. So when the Iron Man actor asked Schwarzenegger about what the crew had to say, the bodybuilding legend laughed and replied, “They said you’re not gonna like it.”

Meanwhile, Pally expressed his gratitude about working with the Kindergarten Cop star. Pally called Schwarzenegger a great guy and revealed how everyone around in the team loved the Austrian Oak. Pally first joined the cast of the upcoming spy action series back in July 2022. However, the title of this Schwarzenegger starrer is yet to be revealed. Apart from Pally, Gabriel Luna and Jay Baruchel will also star in the series, as reported by Collider. The spy series would mark the Schwarzenegger’s first TV appearance.

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