“It didn’t work”- Royal Expert Claims Meghan Markle Showed “no enthusiasm” to King Charles’ Very Best Attempt To Settle Ties

“It didn’t work”- Royal Expert Claims Meghan Markle Showed “no enthusiasm” to King Charles’ Very Best Attempt To Settle Ties

No matter what the present dynamics say between the Sussexes and The Place, King Charles always had a soft corner for his younger daughter-in-law. The world watched with all heart how he walked along Markle down the aisle. There have been many such instances where Charles has been tolerant of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. 

Royal experts have always kept a close tab on the Palace and its ways. What Prince Phillips was to Diana, Charles is to Markle. Many authors and experts before have talked about how the king had always pressed on making amends with the sidelined couples. However, recent reports claim he is now done trying. Angela Levin, a well-known royal correspondent, has given some insights about the present scenario between Charles and Meghan Markle.

King Charles thought Meghan Markle was “terrific”

According to Angela Levin, Charles “did his very best” to settle the disputes between the long-stretched disputes between the two parties but “it didn’t work.” Allegedly there came a point where Charles had to give up. Even after continuous attempts to fix their already strained relationship, Markle reciprocated with no enthusiasm to the King. These deliberate snubs felt like an insult and betrayal to the Monarch who has now decided to stop trying. 

Before any of it happened and the Palace was still adulterated and united with all their senior royals at the Palace, Charles remarked Markle to be “terrific”. Praising her straightforwardness and self-confidence, Charles expressed “she was a breath of fresh air“.

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He was even happy for Prince Harry to have married someone like her. But as situations grew rough and the crack between them started to deepen, Harry and Meghan Markle turned down the King on various occasions. 

Sources even claim that they have allegedly held back Charles’s Christmas Celebration invitation at the Palace. The King was even willing to put up with some of their demands. However, Markle’s wish for her and Prince Harry to be number one annoyed His Majesty. As a result, there have been no further attempts to mend the broken ties. The King now looks forward to his coronation in the month of May next year, while the Sussexes now live on their own at their California estate in The States. 

Do you think they will ever be able to fix this relationship that is now hanging by a string?

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